What’s better to combat the craziness of the world than a get together with friends or some casual drinks? But how about we crank that up to 11 with a swinging party and lots of drinking games to help the fun along.

I have here a list of 5 drinking games to get your attendees ready to drink and laugh the night away.


Judge Judy is a casual game for any type of get together or a great game for people who love top watch tv and drink. The game has a set of runs, along with an easy and hard mode. The concept is easy when one of the triggers is completed in the show players will drink.

It’s a great game for those who want to take a break from the crazy activities of the rest of the party and just take a half hour or so to chill and drink.


Drinking Pool is a great game to play while out at a bar. It’s similar to a standard game of pool but added are several instances where players will need to drink. It’s game that’s easy to learn and implement.


Baseball is a fun game to play with a party full of people. Players will split into 2 teams and compete over several innings to try and out drink the other team.

Teams take turns bouncing quarters into cups to try and get runs. The team with the most runs at the end of the last inning wins.


Pyramid is similar to beer pong except you are trying to score all of your beverages before the other player. Players are taking turns bouncing coins into their drinks in order. Once a player completes their pyramid of drinks the other player must drink the large drink.  


Quarters is a technical game where players compete to bounce quarters into shot glasses. When you are successful you pass your quarter and glass along. If you are too slow however you have to drink and refill the drink before you can start to bounce your quarter again.


Drinking games are super fun and exciting. They are the perfect pick me up to a slow party and just an overall fun experience for those wanting to play a game a get loose doing it.

Please play responsibly however and be safe out in the crazy world. I hope you enjoyed this article and found some new fun games to try at your next gathering.

If you are looking for ever more drinking games look for our drinking games page. The link will be below.

Happy gaming!

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