PARANOIA rules title

OBJECTIVE OF PARANOIA: One player asks a question, another player points, and the third player may ask what the question was.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 4+ players, but the more, the better


TYPE OF GAME: Drinking game



Paranoia is one of those games that you will look back at either being a good idea or a terrible idea at the end of the night. But it’s sure to get everyone’s hearts and heads racing. Do you really want to know what your friends are talking about? Well, you’re about to find out!


PARANOIA overview

To play, the first player whispers a random question about the group to the person on their left. This question can be anything, such as:

  • Who do you think has the worst style?
  • Who would you least like to kiss?
  • Who do you think gives the best advice?
  • Who would you like to hook up with tonight?
  • Who do you least get along with?
  • Who has the nicest body?

The person on the left must then point to a player in order to answer the question. The player who was pointed to will now be paranoid (of course!) and must decide whether or not they want to know the question that the first player asked. If the player wants to know the question, they must take a drink.

Then, the player who answered the question (by pointing) can make a decision. They have two options:

  1. Tell the person the question.
  2. Avoid answering by taking a shot.

If the player chooses option 2, the player that was pointed to is going to be left feeling even more paranoid!

PARANOIA gameplay

Once the player who was asked the question makes their decision by other revealing the question or taking a shot, that person gets to ask a scandalous question to the person on their left. And so on.


The game ends when everyone in the circle has had a chance to ask a question and point at someone in the group.