Uno all wild rules title

OBJECTIVE OF UNO All Wild: Be the first player with 500 points or more 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 – 10 players 


TYPE OF GAME: Card game 

AUDIENCE: All ages 


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Mattel Games UNO All Wild Card Game for Family...
  • Every card is a Wild Card in UNO All Wild!
  • Play is fast with no matching colors or numbers required as in classic UNO.
  • It's also more surprising with the action cards in the deck -- Wild Reverse,...

Uno All Wilds is a hand-shedding card game for 2 – 10 players. Mattel has truly gone crazy with these wild rules. Unlike normal Uno, there are no colors or numbers. Every card is WILD, so players will be able to play a card on their turn every single time. No Uno strategy will help you here! Let’s go over the rules of this chaotic variation of a beloved game night classic!


Uno all wild setup

Uno All Wilds is extremely easy and fun to play. You simply need an Uno All Wilds deck, a few friends, and a flat surface. The game can be played with up to 10 people. It’s pretty simple for younger players to learn, so the whole family can get in on the fun. It’s perfect to play on your next family game night.


Uno all wild cards

The UNO All Wild deck consists of 112 cards. Along with the normal Wild cards, which make up most of the deck, there are also seven action cards. 

  • The Wild Reverse card changes the direction of play. 
  • The Wild Skip card skips over the next player. They lose their turn! 
  • The Wild Draw Two card forces the next player to draw two cards from the draw pile. They also lose their turn. 
  • The Draw Four forces the next player to take four cards from the draw pile and lose their turn. 
  • The Double Skip card skips the next two players. 
  • The Wild Targeted Draw Two card picks one opponent to draw two cards. That player does not lose their next turn. 
  • The Wild Forced Swap card lets the player choose an opponent and then swap hands with them. If one of the players has one card in their hand after the exchange, they must say UNO! If an opponent says UNO first, the player with one card must draw two as a penalty. 


First things first, pick a dealer using whatever mechanism you want (we generally play a round of rock paper scissors). Then, the dealer shuffles and deals seven cards to each player. You can look at your cards, but make sure to keep them secret from their opponents.

Place the rest of the deck face down in the center of the table. Then, flip the top card over to begin the discard pile. If the first card of the discard pile is an action card, then that action happens. For example, if the first card turned over is a skip, the player who would normally go first gets skipped. If the first card is a Target Draw Two, the dealer gets to choose who will draw cards. Although, that player does not lose their first turn. 


Now is when the fun begins! The player left of the dealer goes first, and they may play any card. Remember, this game is a bit different from your standard Uno game as all of the cards in this game are WILD, so everyone will be able to play a card on every turn. This is what makes this variation of Uno so hectic!

If a player plays an action card, the action occurs such as “Draw Four” or “Skip”, and then the play continues. If it is a normal WILD card, nothing happens. 

Play starts clockwise, but the direction will change when a reverse card is played.



When you play your second to last card, you must say UNO. This lets everyone know that you are close to winning the game.

If you have one card left and forget to say, Uno, then an opponent can say it, and you have to draw two cards as a penalty.


In a normal game, you are trying to eliminate all your cards. However, there is a special rule you can use as a last resort. If you see the next person, in turn is about to play their last card and you have no action cards left, you can draw a card from the deck rather than playing one of your own. You do this in hopes that the card will skip or reverse the player in order to stop them from winning.

Although, if you decide to draw a card, you must play it right away, no matter what it is. If it is a regular wild card, then play continues normally, and the next person can still play their last card.


Once you play your last card, then you have won the round. You earn points based on the cards left in your opponents’ hands similar to some Rummy games. The scores for the cards are:

  • Wild cards – 20 points
  • Action cards – 50 points


The first player to earn 500 points or more wins the game! You can choose any other score before the start of the game.


What Are the Cards in Uno All Wilds?

Uno All Wilds uses the wild cards from the original deck and a few extras. The cards included in the deck are regular Action cards, The Wild Reverse, The Wild Skip card, The Wild Draw Two, The Draw Four, The Double Skip card, The Wild Targeted Draw Two card, and The Wild Forced Swap 

What Is the Special Rule in Uno All Wilds?

In Uno All Wilds, if the player after you is about to win, then you can draw a card from the deck to play in the hopes of stopping them from winning. Although, you must play the card you pick up.

How Many People Can Play Uno All Wilds?

You can play Uno All Wilds with up to 10 players.

How Do You Win Uno All Wilds?

In Uno All Wilds, you earn points from cards in other players’ hands after you win a round. The first person to reach 500 or any other predetermined score wins the game.

Alan Lemus