OBJECT OF GUESS WHO: The object of Guess Who is to be the first player to guess their opponent’s character.


MATERIALS: A rule book, a deck of faces, 48 face inserts (24 red and blue), 2 scorekeepers, and 2 player trays.

TYPE OF GAME: Kids Deduction Board Game



Guess Who is a kid’s deduction game for 2 players. The goal of the game is to be the first player to correctly guess who your opponent’s character is. This is done by asking a series of yes or no questions to rule out characters from your gameboard.


If this is your first time playing the game, you’ll need to separate the face tabs into red and blue and then insert them into their matching player board. 

Each player will then choose a board to use. They will tilt their gameboard away from themselves but have all character faces facing them and place all face tabs up. Then a player will shuffle the face deck and place it near each player. Players will then secretly draw a card from the deck to use as their character keeping it secret from the other player. they will place it in the central insert at the front of their board.

Character Faces

The goal of the game is to guess who your opponent’s character is and you do this by asking questions about characters. If you look at your board, you will notice amongst the 24 faces are some strong similarities from face to face. Some wear glasses, some have boards, some have blue or brown eyes. These are the key differences that will help you narrow down which character your opponent could be.


The game starts with the youngest player. on a player’s turn, they can ask a single yes or no question to try and narrow down their character choices. An example would be “is your character a girl?” If the answer is yes you know you can flip down, or rule out any boys or mean on the game board. After you have asked and had your question answered your turn is over.

If at some point you believe you know who your opponent’s character is, you can take your turn to ask. Be careful though, because if you are wrong you will lose the game. You ask the same way you would ask a question for a turn. “is your character blank?” If the answer is yes congratulations you have won. If the answer is no, you have lost the game.


If you want a more challenging play each player will draw two characters instead of one. Now when a player asks questions they must ask if either or both characters have a trait. For example, “do either of your characters have glasses?” If the answer is no you can eliminate any glasses wearers. But if the answer is yes you can rule no one out.  This means you must be careful who you eliminate and remember all your previous questions. When guessing characters, you must guess both at the same time. You only win if you get both correct.

For champion play, use the score markers to keep track of who wins the games so a winner can be determined after a certain number of games are played.

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