OBJECTIVE OF CHANDELIER: Bounce ping pong balls into other players’ cups. If a ball lands in the middle cup, drink your drink and flip the cup faster than the other players

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 4-10 players

CONTENTS: 2 ping pong balls, 1 cup per person, 1 cup for the middle, 1 bowl, and at least 1-2 beers per player

TYPE OF GAME: Drinking Game

AUDIENCE: Ages 21+



Chandelier is best described as a cross-over between Beer Pong and Flip Cup. This is a fast-paced game that is loads of fun to play with friends or at college party or a house party.


To play Chandelier, you will need one cup per player and an additional cup to go in the middle. You will also need two ping pong balls, a bowl, and a couple of beers for each player.


Place the bowl upside down in the center of a table and put one cup on top of the bowl. If you don’t have a bowl, you can put a Solo cup upside down, and stack the cup on top instead. Fill this cup up completely with beer. Each player should then fill up their own cup about a third of the way and place them around the center cup in a circle. Hand 2 random players a ping pong each.


The aim of Chandelier is to bounce the ping pong balls and make them land in other players’ cups. If a ping pong ball lands in your cup, you must drink the contents, refill your cup, and continue playing. The game continues until a ball lands in the middle cup. When a ball lands in the middle cup, all players must drink and then flip their cup so that the cup lands upside down. The last player to flip their cup must finish the middle cup.


There is the option to either score the game and have a winner at the end of the game or not score the game and only have a loser who must drink the middle cup. If you choose to score the game, a designated referee must keep track of how many cups each player sinks throughout the game. The winner is the player who sinks the most cups at the end of the game and doesn’t lose the flip cup. Losing the flip cup automatically deems a player the loser no matter what their score.

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