OBJECTIVE OF TRUTH OR DRINK: The objective of Truth or Drink is to be the first player to collect 5 Question Cards.  

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3 to 8 Players

MATERIALS: 220 Question Cards, 55 Strategy Cards, and Instructions

TYPE OF GAME:  Party Card Game

AUDIENCE: 21 and Up


Truth or Drink is the perfect variation of Truth or Dare for those that are over 21 years old. You get to make a decision. Do you answer questions truthfully, or do you drink? Don’t get a loose tongue, and be careful of the choices you make!


Firstly, choose a dealer for the game. This may be done in any way. The first dealer will shuffle the deck and place the deck in the middle of the playing area, where all players may easily access it. Then, each player is dealt three Strategy Cards. The game is ready to begin!


To begin, the dealer will draw a card. They will then choose two players to question each other. The dealer will choose which question is asked first, giving the card to the first player to ask questions. The opposing player may either answer or drink.

If they choose to drink, then they cannot win the round. The next player will then ask the remaining question found on the card. If both players are willing to answer the question, then the dealer will choose which answer they liked best. The player who gives the best, or only, answer will win a Question Card.

Gameplay will continue clockwise around the group. Players may use their Strategy cards to redirect questions that they do not want to answer without forfeiting the round. These may be played during any turn, even if it is not your own. Each player should make sure they have three Strategy Cards at the start of every round.


The game comes to an end when a player has collected 5 Question Cards. This player is declared the winner.

Nakoa Davis