OBJECTIVE OF THE NEWLYWED GAME: The objective of The Newlywed Game is to see how much the Bride knows about her spouse.  

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 or More Players 

MATERIALS: Questionnaire for the Spouse, scorekeeper, and alcohol (optional) 

TYPE OF GAME: Bachelorette Party Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 18 and Up 


The Newlywed Game is a game that all of us love to see at weddings, but the bachelorette version is even better! The planner of the party should reach out to the spouse with a list of questions. They will then ask the bride those same questions, informing her that she should answer how she believed her spouse answered. Some of the questions may be spicy, whereas some of them may be more genuine. Either way, play and see what they know, what’s new, and to enjoy drinking when she misses an answer!  

newlywed game rules


To setup for the game, the planner should send a list of questions to the spouse. They may answer back through email or text, or for even more fun, they could video themselves answering the questions aloud. The planner should also ensure that there is alcohol, if needed, and a way to keep score. Once all of that has begun, the game is ready to begin! 

how the newlywed game works


During gameplay, the players will ask the spouse a variety of questions. These questions should match the questions that were asked to the spouse. The bride will then try to answer the questions in the same way that she thinks her spouse answered them. If the answer is correct, then everyone, except the bride, will take a drink of their drink. On the other hand, if the bride is incorrect, then she is the only one who will drink.  

The game continues like this until all of the questions have been answered. The planner may choose to show the bride their spouse’s answers right after each question, or they may choose to reveal all of the answers at the end. 


The game comes to an end when all of the questions have been asked. At this point, the players may see who has become the most intoxicated, or they may want to laugh about some of the answers that were given. Either way, it should end in happy conversation. 

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