OBJECTIVE OF BECAUSE I SAID SO: The objective of Because I Said So is to guess which player placed the saying into the bowl. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3 or More Players 

MATERIALS: 1 Bowl, 1 Pen for Each Player, and Paper 

TYPE OF GAME: Baby Shower Party Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 10 and Up 


Because I Said So is the perfect game for a baby shower, because everyone will be judging everyone else’s parenting skills. This will be funny, heartwarming, and, even informational. Things have changed a lot over the years, but parents are always right, right? Everyone will be giggling over the memories of parents.  


To setup for this game, simply give each player a pen and a piece of paper. In the center of the group, place a bowl for the pieces of paper. The game is ready to begin. 


To play the game, each player will write down something that they associate with their parents. They should be fairly short replies. Examples are funny sayings, memories, or advice that they think of when they think of their parents. Nobody should write their names on the sheet of paper.  

Once everyone has finished, they should place their pieces of paper into the bowl and shuffle them up. One by one, the parents to be will draw one and read it aloud to the group. The group will then vote on who they think wrote it, and then that person will be able to talk about why they chose what they chose!  


The game come to an end once all of the slips of paper have been read. There are no winners, because everyone is a winner in this game! 

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