OBJECTIVE OF WHAT AM I: The objective of What Am I is to guess what item is pinned to the back of your shirt. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 5 or More Players 

MATERIALS: Note Cards, a Pen, and 1 Safety Pin for Every Guest 

TYPE OF GAME: Baby Shower Party Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 10 and Up 


What Am I is a fun, easy baby shower game that is quick to win over most of your guests, especially since they don’t have a choice. As each person comes in, they get a random notecard pinned on their back. On the notecard, there is a baby item. The player must them attempt to guess the correct item before the night is up. 


Setup for this game is slightly more extensive than some other baby shower games. Determine how many guests there will be at the party. Each guest should get a notecard that has a baby item written on it. To keep it interesting, try not to reuse items.  

Once all of the notecards are made, put pins in them, making them easy to pin to the shirts of the guests as they enter. The game is then ready to begin.  


Gameplay lasts all night, or until every player guesses what they are. Each player will have a notecard on their back that has the name of a baby item on it. Throughout the night, the player can ask “Yes” and “No” questions regarding their item.  

Only when they correctly choose their item can they be told what it is! Once they have guessed, they can move the card to the front of their shirt to show that they are finished.  


The game comes to an end at the end of the night. Any players that have not guessed what they  

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