OBJECTIVE OF ICE, ICE BABY: The objective of Ice, Ice Baby is to melt your ice cube faster than any other player.  

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3 or More Players 

MATERIALS: Ice Cube Trays and Plastic Babies 

TYPE OF GAME: Baby Shower Party Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 5 and Up 


Ice, Ice Baby is a fun, family friendly game that everyone is able to easily participate in. All it requires is body heat and strategic planning. Every guest at the party is given an ice cube that contains a small, plastic baby. The goal is to break the water and melt the baby out of the ice cube! The first player to get their baby out of the ice, wins the game! 


Setup for this game does require some planning. Simply place one baby in each of the ice cube spaces of the ice cube tray and freeze! The next day, place one baby in each of the cups that the guests will use to get their drinks. The game is ready to begin!  


The game begins as soon as the players begin to get their drinks. The players can use anything necessary to get rid of their ice around their baby. Once all of the ice is off of their baby, they yell out “My water broke!” This allows them to win the game!  


The game comes to an end when all of the babies are out of the ice! The first player to make this happen, wins the game! 

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