Finally, the time has come for your best friend, or maybe even you, to plan the best time of your life, the bachelorette party! These are the moments with your closest friends that you will always remember, so it needs to be perfect. One way to get the party started off on the right foot is to incorporate some fun, quirky games into the night. Not everything needs to be about drinking and partying, and if the bride to be prefers, most of these games can be played at home. On the other hand, if they are all about hitting the town, then we have the perfect games for that too!  

There are a few things that make up the perfect bachelorette party. These include the usual, food, friends, and drinks, but there are some other things that often get overlooked. No bachelorette party would be complete if there weren’t some dirty stories, embarrassing truths, and awesome games to keep the night young, no matter how long you want to party for! These ten games are the perfect ones to play at the party to make the night everything you want it to be.  

The Newlywed Game 

The Newlywed Game is the perfect game to play with the bachelorette at her party. This incorporates her fiancĂ© into the night, and it ensures that she isn’t pouty about not getting to see them before her big day! This game does require some more planning than the others, because things need to be setup a couple of days in advance.  

The host of the party will email the fiancĂ© of the bride a list of questions. These questions may be funny, quirky, or downright dirty, depending on the individuals at the party. If you don’t want to just read through an email, you could also get their response on video, which is guaranteed to lead to lots of laughs! The bride should then answer what they think their partner answered for each question.  

To spice it up, you can add booze into the mix. If the bride is right, then everyone drinks! On the other hand, if they are wrong, then only the bride drinks!  

Panty Party 

Panty Party is the perfect time to shower the bride with gifts and get some good laughs at the same time! Everyone that is participating will buy a pair of panties for the bride-to-be. When purchasing, the players should make sure to buy underwear that reflect their own personality. They may be spicy lingerie, cute hipsters with hearts, or even granny panties.  

No matter what style you choose, the bride has to attempt to guess which one of her close friends bought her which pair of underwear. Each pair will be randomly hung on a clothesline so that they are spread out. The bride must state why she thinks what she does, which will quickly lead to gut wrenching laughs! Alcohol can always be incorporated into the game if it is appropriate!  

Bachelorette Roulette 

Bachelorette Roulette is a game for everyone! Although it requires very few skills, you will quickly see how fast it can remove people from the game with a simple spin. Players will spin the roulette wheel, and then chance takes over.  

They may require the bride to drink, themselves, or everyone might be safe for a turn. If players want to spice it up, they can create their own wheel, or they can just use the store-bought game. Either way, it will make for an awesome night to remember.  

Filthy Minds 

Filthy Minds is the bachelorette game that is perfect for that inappropriate group of friends that are WAY closer than most. Players will create a list of descriptions that are seemingly harmless, but if your mind is in the gutter, they will quickly become ridiculously dirty.  

Players are able to create the lists themselves, using what they know about their friends to make it even more personal, or they can print a list offline and use that for the night. All of the answers should be innocent, but the guesses that you will receive are far from it!  

Bachelorette Photo Challenge 

The Bachelorette Photo Challenge is a game that is named perfectly, because if it is nothing else, it is a challenge. The planner may choose to print a copy of the photo checklists, or the players can come up with their own if they are more creative. Creating your own also helps to ensure that the photos are more comfortable for the bride to be, because we don’t need her being in awkward situations so soon before her wedding!  

To play the game, the players will work as a team, and they will attempt to recreate all of the photos that are on the checklist! For each checklist item, there must be a photo taken for proof, or else it didn’t happen. Some examples of things that can be included are a photo with a married couple, a photo of the bride-to-be taking a shot, and anything else that can be creative. This game will create memories that will last a lifetime and the photos to remember it by!  

How Well Do You Know Me? 

How Well Do You Know Me is the perfect bonding experience for a bridal party. There are clean and dirty versions of this game, and the group can decide which one best fits their scenario. For the game, a questionnaire will be completed, and this time, the bridal party will complete it. Find a template example here of some ideas for the questionnaire.  

It would be best if the bride, or the bride’s mother creates this game to ensure that nobody in the bridal party has all of the answers. After it’s finished, the points are tallied. The player with the most points, wins! This also leads to sweet reminiscing and plenty of laughs, but be warned, sometimes tears are involved.  

Lie Detector 

Just like a true Lie Detector, this game requires the bride to answer private, or even embarrassing questions about herself or her spouse. Depending on how well the players know one another, the game can get extra spicy, or it can remain milder in nature. The game can be played in teams if you want everyone to get equally punished, or it can be played one on one within the group.  

The players will step forward and ask each other questions, typically they are R-rated questions. They will then guess if the person they are questioning is telling the truth or a lie. If they guess correctly, the other player drinks, but if they guess incorrectly, then they must take a swig from the bottle! 

Guess the Kisses 

Guess the Kisses is the perfect game for a bachelorette party with younger participants. It also creates a beautiful and unique souvenir for the bride to keep and cherish. It also requires very little preparation, and it can be played in any location, making it the perfect backup game if the weather is being finicky.  

Each of the guests will put on their favorite lipstick and leave a kiss mark on a white piece of posterboard. The bride then has to go through each kiss and guess who left it there for her. After she has guessed, everyone has laughed, and the game comes to an end, the guests will write a wish for the bride under their mark, signing it to themselves.  

To make it even more heartfelt, have the groom leave his kiss mark on the board before the game begins. At the end of the game, you can point it out to the bride.  

Bra Pong 

Bra Pong is a ridiculously popular, naughty, lingerie bachelorette shower game that has an odd similarity to basketball. The idea is to hang a variety of bras on a corkboard, and typically the bride will get all of these at the end of the game. If your bride is not very well endowed (no shame), then you may want to buy a couple larger bras from a thrift store to make the game even more fun! 

Each player will take turns attempting to shoot the ping pong ball into the bra cup. If you make it in, you win a point! The player with the most points, wins the game!  

Suck for a Buck 

Suck for a Buck is just as bad as it sounds! Depending on the people involved, and the amount of alcohol ingested, this game can be as mild or wild as you can imagine. This game does require some close contact with strangers of all sorts, so ensure that your bride-to-be is comfortable in those situations before you throw her in a lot of them!  

To prepare for the game, someone should place candies on a white t-shirt for the bride. To do so, simply place some livesaver candies on the shirt using either a rubber band or sowing it with one piece of thread. The goal is to get as many of the candies off as quickly as possible. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?  

The catch is only one person can remove the candies, total strangers. They can also only use one piece of their body, their mouth.  


In conclusion, these are 10 Bachelorette Party Games that Everyone is Guaranteed to Love. There are games for a variety of ages, social situations, and personality types. Many of them can be modified to fit any and all group settings!  

As the planner, it is your goal to make this night with your best friends as memorable as possible, and of course, the bride needs to be the center of the show the whole night. All of these games give opportunities to make her feel beautiful, valued, and special while she enjoys the companies of her closest girlies before she locks it down. 

Ellie Phillips