OBJECTIVE OF SUCK FOR A BUCK: The objective of Suck for a Buck is to get as many of the candies off of the shirt as possible before the end of the night.  

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3 or More Players 

MATERIALS: A T-shirt, Candies, and Rubber bands or String 

TYPE OF GAME: Bachelorette Party Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 21 and Up 


Suck for a Buck is just as bad as it sounds. Depending on the group, this game can stay decent and mild, or it can get crazy and wild in the matter of hours. Throughout the game, the bride-to-be, and all of her entourage, will attempt to get complete strangers to nibble a candy off of her shirt and pay her a dollar!   

suck for a buck game rules


Setup for this game does require a little more planning than some other bachelorette party games. The planner should first prepare the shirt for the bride to wear. To do so, they will begin with a snug fitting white t shirt. Using thread and needle or rubber bands, the planner will attach lifesaver candies to the shirt in question.  

If the planner wants the game to get scandalous, then they should be strategic about where the candies are placed on the shirt. Just keep the comfort and safety of the bride in mind when creating it. Once the shirt is ready, the game can begin. 

how to play suck for a buck


 The bride has to participate in the game, but a number of other players can participate in the same manner if they choose. All of the players that are participating should put on their candy-covered shirts before hitting the town for a girls’ night out. Going around, the players will ask strangers to remove the candy, only using their mouths, for the cost of one dollar.  


The game comes to an end after a certain time frame that is set by the players. On average, a good time is around 30 minutes. The players will reconvene and determine who the winner is by counting the candies on the shirt. The player with the least number of candied remaining, wins the game!   

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