OBJECTIVE OF PANTY PARTY: The objective of Panty Party is for the bride to guess who bought which pair of underwear based off of their personalities.  

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3 or More Players 

MATERIALS: 1 Pair of Panties for Each Guest, 1 Clothesline, Clothespins, and Alcohol (if acceptable for the group) 

TYPE OF GAME: Bachelorette Party Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 18 and Up 


Panty Parties are wonderful ways to get everyone involved in a game. Every guest will buy a pair of underwear for the bride. Sexy ones are preferred so that the bride can enjoy them on her honeymoon! Each pair should reflect the buyer’s personality, not necessarily the bride’s taste. If the bride guesses, the buyer drinks, but if they guess wrong, then the bride drinks!  

panty party game rules


To setup for the game, the planner should hang each pair of underwear randomly on a clothesline. Once all of the underwear have been hung up, the game is ready to begin!  


To begin the game, the bride will approach the clothesline and examine the underwear found on the clothesline. Then, the bride will go down the line and guess which pair of underwear was bought by which one of their friends, basing it on their personality. They should explain their reasoning for their choice as they go.  

Once they have guessed who bought each pair of underwear, then the reveal can begin.  

how to play panty party


The game comes to an end once all of the panties have been paired with a buyer. The players will then drink, if they choose, depending on who was guessed correctly. If the bride correctly paired the underwear, then the buyer has to drink. On the other hand, if the bride did not correctly pair them, then she must drink!  

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