OBJECTIVE OF JENGA: Pull out as many Jenga blocks as possible without knocking the tower over.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1-5 players

MATERIALS: 54 Jenga blocks

TYPE OF GAME: Dexterity Board game



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Jenga is a fun game that can be played alone or with friends! The game is super simple and doesn’t require much skill to play. So, if you are looking for an easy game to whip out at a party, Jenga is a great choice! To play Jenga you will build up the tower, pull out the blocks, and avoid knocking down the tower. Let’s dive straight into how to play Jenga!


To set up Jenga, you’ll start by building the tower on a flat surface. To build the tower, place three blocks next to each other and then stack another three blocks on top, turning them 90 degrees. Each row of three blocks should be perpendicular to the previous row. Continue stacking in this manner until the tower is 18 rows tall and you have used all 54 blocks.


If playing with more than one person, determine which player goes first by flipping a coin or playing rock paper scissors. On your turn, you must remove a block from the tower and place it on top in the correct formation. Whatever block you touch must be removed, no matter how difficult. Additionally, you cannot remove any blocks from the top three rows of blocks of the tower. After successfully removing a block you’ll need to place it on top of the tower and wait 10 seconds to see if the tower falls. If the tower stays standing for 10 seconds, the player to your left can start their turn.

The game continues in this way until the tower eventually falls.


Jenga ends when the tower falls over. There isn’t a set amount of playtime. The game could last five or 20 turns, depending on how strategic players are. There is no winner of Jenga, only a loser who is the player who knocks over the tower. If playing by yourself, beat your own personal score by trying to get the tower as high as possible.


The above rules are for the standard Jenga, but due to the simple nature of the game there are many alternative ways to play! Here are a few awesome alternatives.


Jenga can be an extremely fun drinking game! In this version of the game, each player writes down rules on each Jenga block that must be performed when the block is pulled. At the end of the game, when the tower falls, the player that caused it to topple over must finish their drink!


A fun and sexy couples game is Naughty Jenga. This version involves adding several spicy rules that must be performed each time a block is successfully removed.


Just as you would imagine Giant Jenga is an oversized version of the game. The rules are essentially the same for this version of the game, but everything is, well, BIGGER! You can choose between a 5-foot, 4-foot, or 3-foot tower.

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