OBJECTIVE OF LIE DETECTOR: The objective of Lie Detector is to guess if a player is lying or telling the truth about their answers to your questions. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 4 or More Players 

MATERIALS: Questionnaire for Each Player and Writing Utensils, Shot Glasses and Alcohol 

TYPE OF GAME: Bachelorette Party Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 21 and Up 


In Lie Detector, the players will break up into pairs, but these pairs are able to change throughout the course of the game. The players will ask their partner questions, and typically these questions will be rather private and embarrassing, depending on who they are asking the question about! It’s time to get real close and personal with your partner, and see how deceitful they can really be!  

lie detector game rules


There is little to no setup for the game. All that you have to do is come up with some questions for your partner. The players may decide to print off a list of questions, or they can just come up with them as they are playing. Either way, the game is still the same level of fun! Each player should make sure that they have their own shot glass before the game begins.  


Two of the players will face off with one another in a round of questioning. They will stand directly across from one another and prepare for the game. Their goal is to ask daring questions and determine if their opponent is lying or not. Once each player has asked their question, received their answer, and determined if it was a lie or not, the other player will confirm or deny.  

If a player guessed correctly, then their opponent must take a drink. If the player guessed incorrectly, then their opponent must take a drink. The game continues in this manner, with each player taking a turn against another player in the group. The pairs should switch up throughout the night.  

how to play the lie detector game


The game comes to an end whenever the players decide. Score can be kept to determine a winner if they wish!  

Lie Detector is an indoor game to test how well the players in the group know one another and their tells. If you lie, you should hope you can get away with it, or else a drink is quickly coming your way!  

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