One of the most popular tropes in all media is the zombie apocalypse. This means no matter what you’re looking for, whether it’s a movie, book, or, yes, even board games, you will find a massive array of choices. In this post, I have put together a list of the best zombie board games out there. Let’s go over them!

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Dead of Winter - Post-Apocalyptic Survival...
  • A META-COOPERATIVE SURVIVAL EXPERIENCE: Step into a world where humanity teeters...
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL SURVIVAL: Delve into a story-centric game. Survivors grapple with...
  • STRATEGIC DECISIONS: Frequent challenging decisions require you to weigh the...

Dead of Winter is a strategic game with lots of storytelling elements for players to enjoy. I love playing this game with close friends. In Dead of Winter you’ll have to make hard decisions and decide if you want to throw everyone under the bus to win or if you want to win as a team.


The scene is set where you, as a player, are a member of a colony of survivors during an apocalyptic winter, trying to survive the weather and the zombies that infest the world now.

All players in Dead of Winter have a secret agenda, good or evil, and typically, these agendas are secondary to the overall goal of surviving and winning the game, except in the case of the traitor. The game is fun and challenging on its own, even without the added traitor element. All characters have their own personalities and less-than-desirable quirks that make the game even more fun.


Zombicide Black Plague Board Game (Base) |...
  • INTENSE COOPERATIVE ACTION: Join forces with up to 6 players in a relentless...
  • UNIQUE SURVIVORS: Play as diverse heroes from medieval times and fantasy races...
  • ARMOR AND STRATEGY: Experience new gameplay with armor that can block zombie...

I’ve played Zombicide for ages, but Zombicide: Black Plague takes it a bit further, setting the zombie apocalypse amid the black plague! If you are a lover of fantasy and medieval-themed games, you’re going to love this one for sure!


Zombicide: Black Plague is a cooperative game and supports up to 6 players, though it can even be played alone. It’s a cooperative game where you control one or all of the players and take turns moving around the board, completing missions. 

The fantasy twist doesn’t just add a fancy new board; there are different races and classes you can play, along with crazy weapons of the times and spells. You must use all these things to your advantage to fight your way through the hordes of zombies and take out the evil necromancer controlling them all. Sounds like fun, right? That’s because it is!


New 2021 Gone Bunkers Card Game + War Games &...
  • Collect troops, nukes, zombies, landmines and more to fight off against the...
  • Players can steal other players cards, revive fallen troops, call in...
  • If you draw a WAR card, be prepared to go against a Robot or an Alien and defeat...

This is a game for the war lovers out there. Gone Bunkers combines war and zombies! Don’t worry; you have the option to be diplomatic in this game, too, but what fun would that be?


Gone Bunkers is a turn-based card game that combines elements of the two best post-apocalyptic events: war and zombies. Each player takes turns drawing cards and building their armies up to full power. If you draw a war card, then you have to go to war and hope you don’t lose because if you do, you’re out of the game. As I mentioned, you do get the option to be diplomatic. This game is filled with tons of cards that give you different weapons, defenses, and even atomic bombs to nuke your opponents! It’s a guaranteed fun time.


Steven Jackson Games Lord of the Fries
  • Lord of the Fries is suitable for 3 to 5 players
  • ages 12 and up
  • playing time 20 to 30 minutes. This game is in the following categories: Family

If you’re a zombie fan like me (you probably are since you’re reading this article), then you know that zombies like to eat brains and body parts. Well, Lord of the Fries flips that on its ear (pun intended). This game features a menu of zombie food that you have to make with your friends.


One player will roll the dice or choose a random item on the menu. Each player has cards that represent ingredients. You’ll then take turns playing, trying to complete the order with the ingredients in your hand. This goes for as many rounds as you want, and in the end, the player with the highest score wins. It is super fun if you add the included timer as well to make the game even faster-paced!


Haywire Group Zombie Run Game
  • 75 Cards included
  • Easy-to-follow rules
  • Combines memory skills with luck

Zombie Run is an extremely fun game that will definitely challenge your memory. It is quite similar to the golf card game but with a zombie twist. It has its own dedicated deck with fun zombie drawings. 


If you’ve played the golf card game or any variations of it, then this game will be familiar. First, you set up a four-by-four grid of face-down cards for each player. You get to look at two of your cards, and then the game begins. Now, you take turns drawing cards and deciding if you want to swap them for the cards you already have in your zombie horde. The goal is to have the fewest zombies in your horde at the end of the game. Some cards will allow you to peek at your cards or your opponent’s, so this game will really test your memory.


LNoE: 10th Anniversary Ed
  • Last Night on Earth is a fast-paced game of brain-eating Zombies, small town...
  • With a cast of horror movie archetype Heroes and hordes of bloodthirsty Zombies,...
  • This 10 Year Anniversary Edition includes a complete and updated version of the...

As a zombie fan, you’ve most likely encountered some terrible zombie films. You know what I mean, the ones with extreme awful and gory special effects, and even worse acting. Last Night on Earth has taken those classic zombie film characters and put them into a fun board game.


In Last Night On Earth, players are pitted against each other. One side plays as the survivors, while the other plays as the zombies. Each side has its own tactics that can slow down the other side’s chances of winning. I could honestly play this game over and over again, and it will still make me laugh every time.


Zombie Kittens Card Game by Exploding Kittens -...
  • An Undead Twist - An undead twist on the original Exploding Kittens that keeps...
  • Many Ways to Play - Play Zombie Kittens by itself with up to 5 players or...
  • New Zombie Kitten Card - The new special Zombie Kitten card gives you the power...

Of course, we couldn’t leave out this fan favorite. If you still haven’t heard of Exploding Kittens, you’ve likely been living under a rock for the past few years. It’s been hugely popular since it first came out. Since then, they’ve come out with many variations and of course zombies couldn’t be left out of the mix.


Zombie Kittens is a great variation to the super popular Exploding Kittens. The gameplay is very similar. Players take turns drawing cards and building their deck, while also trying not to explode. The difference is that in the regular game, once you explode, and don’t have a diffuse card, you were out. In this version ther are many cards that still involve the dead player in the game. The best part about this game isn’t even the gameplay, it’s the pictures on the cards that will have you rolling on the ground laughing.


This is a really fun game to play, especially if you’re a fan of The Walking Dead. The premise of Dawn of the Zeds is that you and your friends are on a farm, and you have to keep your city safe from the Zombie Epidemic Disease. This is quite a long and drawn out zombie game, but I promise you will be having so much fun the entire time.


In Dawn of the Zeds, you can play solo or with up to four players. The goal is to keep your small town safe and zombie free. Each player takes turns drawing cards, which will allow them to move around the board, search for resources, or attack to keep the zombies at bay. The dice will also tell you whether your actions succeed or fail. You have to do everything you can to keep your town. As I mentioned, this game is quite lengthy, but I find that time goes fast as you play. It also comes with several story books, so every time you play, the story will change.


Tiny Epic Zombies
  • FULLY EQUIPABLE MEEPLES: Get a Chainsaw, Golf Club, Shotgun, and many other...
  • COOPERATE TOGETHER: You must work together to complete a random selection of...
  • English (Publication Language)

How could I possibly make a list of the best zombie games without including Tiny Epic Zombies? Any board game enthusiast has heard of the Tiny Epic games. Just as the title suggests, this is a tiny version of a game, with much more than you would think crammed into the game. Tiny Epic Zombies has made an incredible zombie game and put it into one of their signature tiny games.


You wouldn’t be able to tell from the size but this game is very well thought out, and includes several modes, such as co-op or competitive modes. In this game you are trapped in a mall adn you must run around finding radio signals, saving other people, and trying to find out the cause of the zombie outbreak. There are five modes jam packed into this tiny game, all of which will keep your heart racing as you race to finish the game!


Zombie Dice
  • Self contained game, carry the dice in the cup
  • 2+ players
  • 15 20 minutes to play

One of the best things about Zombie Dice is that you can play with many people as you’d like and doesn’t take hours to set up play and takedown. Although there is nothing wrong with a longer setup, sometimes you just want to get the game started.


Zombie dice is a press-your-luck game, meaning you can bet it all but be ready to bust. In this game, you’re a zombie wandering around in search of brains, and the first player to get over thirteen ends the game. All players other than the game-ender get one more turn to try and score more brains than the original player, crowning themselves king zombie.

That’s really all there is to it. It’s fun, relaxing, and a great way to warm up for a longer, more in-depth game.


We’ve included quite a variety of games from short and quick to more in depth and lengthy games so you can take you pick. If you’re a fan of the genre, then any of these games will definitely keep you satisfied. At least until you’re craving brains again!  If you’re more of a card game person check out our best 2 player card games.

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