Zombie Dice

Zombie Dice

OBJECTIVE OF ZOMBIE DICE: The objective of Zombie Dice is to haven eaten the most brains by the end of the game.


MATERIALS: A rule book, 13 specialized dice, and a dice cup. Player’s will need a way to tally scores. 

TYPE OF GAME: Dice Push Your Luck Game



Zombie Dice is a game of luck vs strategy. A “know when to hold them and when to fold them” type of game. Players will take turns rolling dice, collecting brains, getting shot and presuming victims. But it’s up to the players to know when to call it quits. 

To win Zombie dice you are trying to collect the most brains. The game is called once someone goes over 13 brains, then all other players get one last chance to pass the number achieved. While the game is majority luck of rolling well, there is some strategy to know when to cash out in a round and when to stay to maximize your brain count.


There is relatively no setup for Zombie dice. It is ready to play straight out of the box. Players will sit in a circle, dice will be put in the cup, and a score sheet should be set up. Other than that, it’s up to players to determine who goes first, (the rule book suggests whoever says “brains” with the most conviction) but then you are ready to play!

Dice Types, Symbols, and Meanings

There are three symbols on each dice, and three different types of dice. There are red, yellow and green dice. Red are the worst to roll because they have the most chance of failure on then. Yellow are medium dice they have equal chances of success and failure and are pure luck. The green dice are the best to roll they have a strong chance of success. The color of the dice determines the ratio of the symbols on the dice. 

No matter the color of the dice, they will all have three symbols on them. Brains, footsteps, and gunshots. Brains are the success of the games and how you will acquire “points” (also called brains). Footsteps are the symbol for a reroll. They have no determination on success or failure and will be the dice left to roll again. The gun shot is a failure. These will be kept tract of and after 3 failures your turn will end. 


Zombie dice is super easy and quick to learn and play. Players take turns rolling the dice. First thing on their turn a player will randomly draw three of the 13 dice and roll them. Brains rolled will be set to your left, and gunshots will be set to your right. Any footsteps will remain in your dice pool and be rolled again. Pull randomly more dice to get you to three dice again and reroll if you wish. There are two ways for your turn to end. 

Zombie Dice is about pushing your luck but push too far and you’ll lose all your brains. If during your turn you reach 3 gunshots to your right your turn is over, and you will not score any of your brains.

After any completed roll you may decide to stand. This means you will tally up the amount of brains you rolled during your turn and add them to your score. This also ends your turn. You cannot decide to stand after rolling a third gunshot instead your turn is over as described above.

This turn order continues until and player scores 13 or more brains. Once a player has done this each player then has one last turn to try and beat that score.


The game ends once the turn order reaches the player who scored higher then 13 brains first. Then all players compare their scores. The player with the most brains wins!

Nakoa Davis