One of the most anticipated events of the year is the Super Bowl. Hundreds of millions of people around the world gather for this sporting event. Barbecues, scrumptious desserts, and plenty of beer for the adults – who doesn’t like a good Super Bowl party?

No party is complete without its share of games. If you’re not sure what kind of party games to play when all of your family and friends have gathered for the Super Bowl, not to worry! Here are 10 Super Bowl party games that football fans and halftime show enthusiasts will enjoy.


Super Bowl Bingo is a classic party game turned into a simple Super Bowl game. You can either make your own bingo cards or download some from the Internet. To make this game even more interesting – consider giving a prize to the winner!

What You Need

  • Bingo card for each player
  • Pens

How To Play

First, you’ll need to create the bingo cards. If you’re feeling a bit lazy or if you’re short on time, you can simply google “Super Bowl bingo,” and you’ll find plenty of bingo cards that you can print out and use. But what’s the fun in that? The better option is to create your own. Write different events on several 5 x 5 cards, and make sure all of the cards are different from one another to ensure a winner.

Some examples of what you can put in the squares are:

  • Touchdown
  • Car commercial
  • 1st down
  • False start

Distribute the bingo cards to each player at the beginning of the party. Each player crosses out a square when that event occurs. The first player to cross out a line of squares (vertically, horizontally, or even diagonally) wins the game!


This is a great game to play before the Super Bowl even begins. So gather all of your friends and family to the living room and get ready to laugh out loud with this classic game of Charades with a Super Bowl twist.

What You Need

  • Slips of paper
  • Pens
  • 2 bowls or hats
  • Timer

How To Play

Divide the group into two teams, and have every player write any Super Bowl-related word on slips of paper. To avoid having players guess their own submissions, each team must write submissions for the other team. Ensure there’s the same amount of slips in each team’s bowl.

The first team chooses a player to mime. This player picks a slip of paper from their team’s bowl and starts miming. The player cannot emit any sound from their mouths – pantomiming only! The player’s team must try to guess the word. The team must guess the word within the agreed-upon timeframe (usually 1 minute) to win one point. If they fail to do so, they must discard the slip without winning any points.

Then the second team gets their turn. Continue playing until there are no more slips of paper. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins!


No Super Bowl party is complete without food. It’s traditional for guests to bring a bowl or dish of something to the party, so why not make a game out of it at your next Super Bowl Cook-Off?

What You Need

  • One cooked dish per player
  • Bowl
  • Slips of paper
  • Pens

How To Play

Before the Super Bowl date, let all the attendees know that there will be a Super Bowl cook-off.

Every player should bring a bowl of their favorite dish to share with everyone – it can be anything from a side dish to a dessert. After everyone has their fill during the party, have everyone anonymously write their favorite dish into a bowl. The player that cooked the dish with the most votes wins!


Test your knowledge with this Super Bowl-themed trivia game. You can either play this game individually or in teams – totally up to you!

What You Need

  • List of questions
  • Paper for each team
  • Pens

How To Play

For this game, you’ll need a host. This host is responsible for writing down all the questions for the trivia game. The questions can be anything football or Super Bowl-related. Although there’s no set number of questions you’ll need to write, try for at least 20 for a fun game!

Divide the group into teams of 2 or 3, or everyone can play individually. The host then asks the first question to the entire group. Each team has 1 minute to discuss the question and write their answer down on their sheet of paper. This continues until all of the questions have been answered.

In the end, the host announces all of the answers one by one while each team tallies up their scores. The team with the highest score wins the game!


Paper football is a classroom game you have likely played in some form in elementary school. It also happens to be a great Super Bowl party game! 

What You Need

  • 2 pieces of paper, 1 for the football and 1 to keep score
  • Pen
  • 3 bendy straws
  • Paper cup
  • Tape
  • Scissors

How To Play

The first thing you’ll need to do is fold the paper and create the football. To fold the football, first cut the piece of paper in half longways, and then fold the paper in half longways once again.

Fold the corner of the paper inwards and continue folding the corners in until you have reached the end. Then, cut the very edge of the remaining corner and tuck it into the rest of the paper football. It should now be secured.

Create the field goal post by bending and taping two bendy straws together in a U shape. Then tape the third straw to the bottom of the U shape and stick it into a paper cup with a small hole in it to secure the field goal.

Just like in American football, the game’s goal is to get the “ball” across the field to the opposing team’s side of the field. Just replace the ball with a paper football and the field with a long flat table.

Each player is allowed four tries to win points. The player’s goal is to score touchdowns by flicking the paper football across the table in a manner so that the football is partly hanging off the table. If the football falls off the table, the player must try again from the beginning. Scoring a touchdown is worth 6 points. After a touchdown, the player has the chance to score an additional point by flicking the paper football from the mid-table point through the goal post.

On the last try, if the player still hasn’t scored, the player can try to score a field goal instead. This is done by flicking the paper football over the goal post. A field goal is worth 3 points.

After 5 rounds, the player with the highest score wins!


One of the best things about the Super Bowl is the amazing commercials. It’s fun to see the big-budget creativity that comes out on such a massive stage. If you want to really enjoy the commercials further, you can play this fun game Super Bowl Commercial Judges.

What You Need

  • DIY scorecard for each player
  • Pens

How To Play

Before the party begins, print out each player’s DIY Super Bowl commercial scorecard. The scorecard can include every category of your choosing, like funniest, weirdest, favorite, least favorite, saddest, and most interesting. Try to have around 10 categories.

During the party, players watch the commercials at every commercial break and rate them according to their preferences. At the end of the game, gather all of the scorecards and announce the winning commercial of each category!

Football Cornhole

Football Cornhole is a classic lawn game with a football twist. Set this game up either indoors or outdoors, and have both children and adults play as they please!

What You Need

  • 2 football cornhole boards
  • 2 sets of beanbags

How To Play

To turn this classic game into a Super Bowl-worthy game, you must decorate the cornhole board and the beanbags. Turn your plain cornhole board into a football field. If you want, you can decorate your beanbags as footballs as well. Alternatively, you can purchase a ready-made football cornhole set before the Super Bowl.

Just as in normal cornhole, the goal of the game is to throw the beanbags into the opposing team’s cornhole. The two teams will take turns throwing their bags into the opposing team’s hole. Each time a team member makes a beanbag go through the hole, they score 1 point. The first team to score 21 points wins.


Now, for the adults! No Super Bowl game is complete without copious amounts of beer. Make drinking even more fun by turning it into a Super Bowl Drinking Game! Even kids and non-drinkers can participate with some soda.

What You Need

  • List of drinking game rules

How To Play

Get creative and write down a list of drinking game rules. Divide these rules into three categories:

  1. Sip if…
  2. Finish your drink if…
  3. Take a shot if…

Add potential events to these categories, such as your team loses, there’s a streaker, there’s a 20+ yard pass, a player does a celebratory dance, or you spot a celebrity in the crowd. Don’t write too many rules, as they can get confusing.

Once that’s set up, announce the rules to everyone and stick up a printed list somewhere everyone can see. Then, any time an event on the rule list occurs, sip, finish your drink, or take a shot.


The halftime show is the main reason non-football fans watch the Super Bowl. This entertaining spectacle is hyped up all year as soon as the performer is announced. Over the years, we’ve had some incredible singers and rappers claim the Super Bowl stage. And, of course, the best way to watch the show is to participate by singing along in Halftime Show Karaoke.

What You Need

  • Singing voices
  • Optional: microphone

How To Play

You’ll know who performs in the halftime show months before the Super Bowl event. So you’ll have ample time to prepare and learn the singer’s top songs by heart.

When the second quarter finishes, set up your optional microphone and gather your friends and family to sing along. Nothing is more euphoric than singing a hit song at the top of your lungs. For a keepsake, consider recording the entire karaoke performance.

When the Super Bowl game is over, and if you’re still itching to sing some more, continue with the karaoke and sing some more songs from the artist and other past Super Bowl performers!


Tap into your creative side and make your own Super Bowl prediction sheet to bring to the Super Bowl party. Distribute the sheets to each player at the beginning of the game, and to make this game even more exciting, bring a prize for the winner!

What You Need

  • 1 prediction sheet per player
  • Pens

How To Play

If you’re making your own prediction sheet, you can quickly google other examples of Super Bowl prediction sheets or prop pools to help get your gears turning. You can write as many prediction questions as you want.

Some examples of prediction questions you can write are:

  • Which team will win the Super Bowl?
  • What will be the score after the first quarter?
  • Which player will score the most touchdowns?
  • Which team will use a time-out first?
  • Which team will have the most penalties?
  • Who will be named the Super Bowl MVP?

Print out enough prediction sheets for each player and distribute them to your friends and family at the beginning of the party. Each player should fill out the fields with their predictions before the game begins. At the end of the game, the scores are tallied, with each correct answer worth 1 point. The player with the most points wins the game and the prize!