OBJECTIVE OF PAPER FOOTBALL: Score more points than your opponent by flicking the paper football over the table to score a “touchdown” or a “field goal.”


MATERIALS: 2 pieces of paper, 3 bendy straws, pen, paper cup, tape, scissors

TYPE OF GAME: Super Bowl game



This classic classroom game is better played with the Super Bowl playing in the background. Play this game as actively or as passively as you like during or after the Super Bowl game.


There are two main steps to setting up a game of paper football: making the football and the goalpost.


To make the football, take a piece of paper and cut the paper in half longways. Then fold the paper longways once again.

Fold one end of the paper inwards to create a little triangle. Continue to fold in this manner until the end. Finally, cut the edge of the remaining corner and tuck it into the rest of the paper football to secure it.


Bend and tape two bendy straws so that it looks like a “U.” Then take the third straw, cut off the “bendy” part, and tape it to the bottom of the U. Finally, cut a little hole open in a paper cup and stick the third straw into it to secure the U-shaped goal post.

Alternatively, you can use your hands to create a goalpost. To do this, position your two thumbs parallel to the table and stick your index fingers up towards the ceiling to create a U shape.

Once you have created the football and the goalpost, place the goalpost on one end of a flat table.


Flip a coin to determine who goes first. The first player to go starts on the opposite end of the table from the goalpost. The player gets four tries to win points. The goal is to score a touchdown by flicking the paper football across the table and making it land with part of the paper football hanging off the table. If the paper football falls off the table completely, the player tries again from the same end of the table. If the paper football stays on the table, the player continues from where the paper football landed. Touchdowns are worth 6 points.

After scoring a touchdown, the player has the chance to score an additional point. The player must flick the paper football through the field goal post from the halfway point on the table to score an extra point. The player only has one chance to do this.

On the other hand, if the player fails to score a touchdown after three tries, they can attempt a field goal from their current position on the table. To score a field goal, the paper football must be flicked through the goalposts without hitting the ground first. Field goals are worth 3 points.

After a player scores a touchdown or field goal or fails to score after 4 tries, the next player gets a chance to score.

The game continues like this for 5 rounds, each player gets 5 chances to score points.


After each player has had 5 chances to score, the player with the higher score wins the game!