Whether you are celebrating a kindergarten, high school, or college graduation, these games will fit perfectly in any . The best four years are coming to a close, so you might as well end them with a bang! What better graduation party ideas. What better way to celebrate graduation than to gather up your favorite people and make the celebration an awesome one?

To set the mood, choose your favorite food and drinks, create a perfect playlist, and don’t forget the entertainment! Many of these games can be played with everyday things that are found around your house, and none of them require an exhausting amount of planning, making them easy to throw together for the procrastinator.  

These Graduation Party Games are the perfect way to make the celebration with your friends and family even more memorable, since it may be a long time before you can get everyone together again. Rather than the boring games, like two truths and a lie, or typical birthday party games, these adult games provides the whole group with games that everyone can play and enjoy. Get to planning, make the night memorable, and be proud of your accomplishments!  


Taboo is a graduation party must-have game of unspeakable fun. Just like the classic game, charades, the players will break into teams, and attempt to get their teammates to guess the correct word. The first player will draw cards, and they will then attempt to get their teammates to guess the word that is found on their card. The players are allowed to give hints, but the number of obvious clues are strictly forbidden, making the game even harder!  

Each turn is timed, so players have to try to get as many answers as possible, racing against the clock, all the while making sure that they follow the rules. Some words are taboo, and the players should stay away from those, for fear of obtaining the dreaded speaker, to quickly wrap up their turn. 

Playing this game allows players to lie if they want to be deceptive. Similar to charades, everyone else may act out the category of their word, in an attempt to get their point across.

If the player decides to pass on a word, then they lose points. Everyone else is better off using their guesses and take turns during rounds, instead of skipping a card and losing points.


Guess Who is a game that can last all night if you play it right, and it is perfect for any type of gathering! Before guests arrive, create name tags for everyone, and write each person’s name on a different tag. Sounds typical, right? Wrong! When they begin to arrive, you will quickly switch it up.

As they enter, give everyone a pat on their back, placing a name tag that is not their own on the back of every guest at the party. Everyone can party like normal, drink, dancing on a table, singing a song, or just hanging out with their group of friends while they party and play.

The players have the entire night to attempt to determine whose name tag they have on their back. It sounds easy, but there is a catch, of course. The players can only ask yes and no questions when asking about the tag on their back. Nobody is allowed to tell other players who their person is or describe them, or else it takes all of the fun out of the game.  

They can guess as the night goes on, and they can ask for example, but they should not ask for the answer. Whoever guesses No peeking! It ruins the game for everyone. 


Have you ever wanted to travel, but it seems like it is way too expensive? Then this is the perfect game for you! You are able to travel around the seven continents, but you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home, and you can even take your best friends with you. There is no money that has to come out of your pocket either. 

There are a variety of supplies needed for Oh, the Places You’ll Go, including buckets, tape, paper, and ping pong balls. Using the buckets to represent the seven continents, each player will attempt to throw a ping pong ball into each of the continents. Thus, allowing you to travel the world with very little planning. Who will go the farthest?  


Keys to Success is a wonderful game for those players who are very competitive, and slightly energetic. Using chopsticks, and a variety of keys, the players will attempt to collect all of the keys on their chopstick. It doesn’t sound very challenging, does it? Well, we have a surprise for you. You are only allowed to use your mouth!  

You read that right, the players are only allowed to use their mouths. They will hold the chopsticks in their mouth while they attempt to get all of the keys rung on the chopstick. Once a player accomplishes this interesting feat, then the next person will begin their round of playing.

To make the game more fun, ensure that the keys have large holes, allowing everyone to collect at least one of them. This will quickly lead to lots of laughs and plenty of fun for everyone involved.  


You’re finally graduating! That means you are one smart cookie, and it is time to prove that to everyone who ever doubted you. All you have to do during this game, is complete one simple task. Move a cookie from your forehead to your mouth, without ever using your hand. If a player uses their hand, then they are immediately disqualified.  

This game is one of our favorite minute to win it games. Even if you lose, you will be able to earn a tasty snack. Whoever gets it to their mouth the quickest, wins the game! So, open your mouth, use those wonderful face muscles, and try and not bounce the cookie right off of your face.

Laughter is the destroyer in this game, because a cookie will fall so fast.  While playing, a player can substitute a cookie for a candy if they wish.


Shoot for the Stars is a is a hilarious, action-packed game to keep everyone on their toes. Be warned, there will be mini marshmallows all over your playing area, whether it be in the living room or the kitchen. Players will attempt to shoot mini marshmallows through a homemade blowgun.  

The players will shoot the mini marshmallows at a star-shaped bowl, hence the name, Shoot for the Stars. In order to win the game, the players must manage to shoot the marshmallows into the bowl while sitting down on the ground, using their blowgun. Who has the best shot? Typically, the player who is filled with the highest amount of hot air! 


While playing Face the Future, be prepared to laugh so hard that you will be out of breath. This game is hilarious, and it is perfect for any get together. Place two lines of tape on the floor, on opposite sides of the room. Players will choose a teammate to work with throughout the game. The more competitive they are, the better.  

The players will stand on the tape, facing their teammate. One player will smear Vaseline on their face, and the other player will collect cotton balls to throw at their partner. The first team to stick three cotton balls to their face, wins the game. There will be a lot of ducking, diving, falling, and laughing. 


A Piece of Advice requires slightly more planning than the previous games that have been mentioned. This one requires physical activity and good spelling skills. If you lack in either of those, then this game may not be the best option for you!

Before you begin the game, print off a few pieces of paper and write the word “ADVICE” on it. Cut the letters up, ensuring that you have one word for each team, with the letters on separate small pieces. Unlike a normal game, where you may pull pieces of paper from a hat, this game’s rules require the players to place the words inside a balloon.

Each team should choose a color to represent them throughout the game. Each letter of the word “ADVICE” will be placed into a balloon in the color of their choosing, creating six balloons for each team.  

The first person to bust all of the balloons, only using their hands, and spell the word “ADVICE”, wins the game! The players are not allowed to sit on the balloons, as much as they would like to. To spice it up, the players can create a sign using their word, and they can then give advice to the other players.

After the game, everyone can talk about advice that they wish they were given before moving to the next phase of their life.  


Rememory is a Storymatic gaming masterpiece. This game is perfect for creating bonding moments while playing. There will be plenty of memories that come to you that you assumed were long gone, but instead, you just needed something to remind you.  

Rememory is like a lifetime of memories in a little box. Once a player chooses their answer, then everyone else may describe other memories that they have. The conversations, tears, and laughs that come out of the game will leave impressions that last a lifetime, making it perfect for a graduation party! Everyone is a winner in this game.  


This game will remind you of choosing high school superlatives all over again while you are playing. Using the party game, “Who In The Room”, players will choose people who meet the requirements found on the game cards. To begin, they will sit around in a circle, ensuring that they are able to see all of their friends. They will take a vote to choose the player that matches the card each turn.  

This will quickly lead to loads of laughs, but be warned, this game is not for you if you get easily offended. You would be amazed to learn what people think of you and how they think you will act. Will you be the first to perish on a desert island? Who will be the first player to wear a weird hat? See what other people think!  


Graduation games are an awesome way to reminisce without being sad and teary-eyed the entire time you are together. Instead, while playing, everyone will laugh, and the last moments everyone has together before everyone moves, will fly by and be full of fun-filled memories. This allows people to not have to worry about entertaining the entire group, because the games will do it for you!  

In these games, there are party games for adults, party games for one person or a large group, and party games that just allow everyone to enjoy themselves while they are playing. Graduations should always be celebrated, as they are moments that should be filled with happiness and pride! You’ve made it, and you have finally accomplished something that many people do not.  

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