OBJECTIVE OF REMEMORY: The objective of Rememory is to reminisce with your friends and family.  

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 or More Players 

MATERIALS: 180 Prompt Cards, 25 Generation Cards, 25 Season Cards, and Instructions 

TYPE OF GAME: Graduation Party Card Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 13 and Up 


Rememory is the perfect graduation game to remember old times with friends and family before everyone goes their separate ways. The players are prompted by cards that are drawn, making it easier to remember those foggy moments from years ago. This game will end in tears or laughs, it is up to you. 


To setup for the game, simply shuffle the cards and place them in the distributor. The players will then choose a player to read the first card, and the game is ready to begin.  


The first player will draw a card and read it to the group. The player will then share a memory associated with that card’s prompt. The other players may feed into the memory, or it may just move on to the next player. That is the wonderful part of this game, it provides a lot of freedom for fun and connecting.  

The game will continue until the players call it a night or all of the cards have been used.  


 The game comes to an end when the players are done or when all of the cards have been used. There are no players in the game.  

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