Five Game Ideas For Your Holiday Party

The holidays are the best time of year to gather everyone together and play some fun games. From board games to card games, there will be something in our holiday list for you and your family to enjoy!


Candy Canes is actually the holiday version of the card game “Spoons”. You’ll need a standard deck of cards, and at least 3 people willing to play. Players should make a circle around a pile of candy canes, and there should be one less candy cane than the total number of people playing (of course, you can always give this other person a candy cane later).

Every player takes turns to pull a card from the deck. Their goal is to be the first person in the circle to get four of a kind. Once they do, they have to try and take a candy cane as sneakily as possible. When the player has their candy cane, all other players should race to grab a candy cane for themselves.

The player who doesn’t get a candy cane is eliminated, but you should send them off to play another game with a candy cane in hand so that they aren’t disappointed.

This game is great to play because it’s fun, rewarding, and easy. The little ones can join in, and so can Grandpa, but you will need an abundance of candy canes, or you’ll find yourself running out very quickly.


Memory is a classic card game that has been played in households for years. Instead of cards this holiday season, its time to get creative and make your own Christmas deck full of holiday images. You can print them or draw them, but you’ll need 8 designs, whatever you decide. You should have two of each of the 8 designs that you’ve made, making 16 cards in total.

Place the cards on a table in four rows of 4 cards. Each player uses their turn to pick two cards, to try and find a matching pair. If they get a match, they take the cards and earn a point, and get another turn. If they don’t get a match, it’s the next player’s turn. The players should keep going until there are no cards left.

This is a simple game, great to keep kids entertained while food is being cooked or the adults are socializing. You could even let them design their own cards!


Apples to Apples is definitely a party game. There are a thousand cards that players can choose from, and the rules are easy to follow. Each player picks a noun to pair with an adjective that is randomly picked by the person acting as a judge for the game. The best fitting or funniest comparison wins, and that person earns a point!

The best thing about this game is that you don’t need the board game to play it, you could easily make your own version using holiday-themed nouns and adjectives. But if you’re short on time, there’s a junior version and the standard party box version of this game.

This board game is great for the holidays because some of the words that players choose can be downright ridiculous. The judge sets the rules, but it’s doubtful that they’re looking for boring nouns to go with the adjective they’ve chosen. Children will learn a lot when playing too, which makes the game even better.


The perfect game for any group of friends that are getting together this holiday season. Monopoly has been around for a long time and it offers a range of variations and editions for everyone to enjoy. If you and your friends are looking to get in the holiday spirit, then the limited-edition Christmas Monopoly is the game for you.

The aim of Monopoly is to own as many of the properties on the board and be the richest person playing. Often, the game ends when you’re the last player standing. You’ll need to be tactical and try and avoid property owned by other players. But your fate comes down to the roll of the dice, so try not to worry too much about where you’ll end up.

Monopoly is a long game to play and there are very few ways of shortening it unless you’re looking to call the game a draw. This means it’s great to play during the holiday season when shops are closed, it’s winter break for your educational institutions, or you’re waiting for a large meal to be cooked.


To start this game, you’ll find a stocking full of random items. You should find plenty of these during the holiday season; from treats to decorations, everything counts.

Tie a ribbon around the top of the stocking to close it so that no one can peek inside, and then have everyone playing sit in a circle. Pass around the stocking and let each player feel it. They should write down what they think is inside the stocking, and the person with the most correct guesses is the winner.

This game is hilarious to play because people come up with some utterly bizarre things when they’re relying on their sense of touch. It’s sure to keep everyone entertained this holiday season.

Nakoa Davis

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