OBJECT OF OPERATION: The object of Operation is to be the player to earn the most money by the end of the game.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1 or more players. 

MATERIALS: A rulebook, game board with part slots, 12 part pieces, tweezers, 24 cards, and paper money.

TYPE OF GAME: Kids Board Game



Operation is a children’s board game for 1 or more players. The goal of the game is to Collect money by performing successful operations.

There are 12 operations to perform in the game and once all 12 have been completed the game ends. The player who has earned the most money during the game will win.


Place the game board flat between all players. Make sure the needed batteries have been installed and the buzzer and light are working. Place the 11 plastic pieces into their respective spots flat and in the center of their spaces. The rubber band should be dropped centrally in its space as well.

The cards should then be split into two decks. The specialist deck will be shuffled, and each player is dealt an even number of cards each. Any remaining cards are placed outside the game. The doctor cards will be shuffled and placed face down in a stack near the board.

One player will be elected banker and will use the money to pay players for successful operations.


The first player can be chosen randomly and the turn order proceeds to the left. On a player’s turn, they will draw the top card of the doctor deck. This will tell them what operation to perform and how much they will be paid if successful.

To successfully complete an operation, you must use the tweezers to remove the pieces from its slot without touching the metal sides and setting off the buzzer and light. The only exception is the rubber band which needs to be stretched from one anchor to the other without setting off the buzzer.

If a player is successful, they collect their money from the banker and the next player may start their turn. If they were unsuccessful then players look at their specialty cards and the player that has it will now try to perform the operation for a larger sum of money.

If successful the doctor card and specialty card are removed from the game, and the player is paid by the banker. If the player is still unsuccessful or the specialty card has been removed from the game the doctor card is placed on the bottom of the deck. If unsuccessful the specialty card is kept by that player to potentially be used at a later time.


The game ends when all 12 operations have been completed. The player who holds the most money at the end of the game wins.


If only one player is playing the goal of the game is to successfully complete all 12 operations without setting off the buzzer. Whenever the buzzer is set off you must start over, resetting the board, and try again.

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