Five Game Ideas For Your New Year’s Party

Five Game Ideas For Your New Year’s Party

New Year’s parties are most certainly more appropriate for adults than they are for children. There is a range of great party games that can be played, with or without the use of alcohol, and we’ve listed a few of them here for you to try this New Year’s.


A quick and easy card game for all to enjoy. It’s for adults only, though! The set up is easy, all you’ll need is a deck of cards and whatever drink you’ve been chugging all night. 

Put ten cards face down in a row – this row is called the “bridge”.

The first player flips over the first card in the bridge. If the card has a number between 2 and 10 on it, then the player flips the next card in the bridge over.

If the card first flipped over is a Jack, Queen, King, or an Ace, then the player has to finish their drink and add more face-down cards to the end of the bridge: One card is added if the card flipped over was a Jack, two cards are added if it was a Queen, three cards for a King, and four cards for an Ace.

Then, it’s the next player’s turn. Remember: A card between 2 and 10 means that you flip over the next card until you find a Jack, Queen, King, or Ace. Only then should you stop flipping over cards, finish your drink, and add cards equal to the number from the list above.

The player that flips over the last card in the “bridge” is the winner!

This game is great because it doesn’t have many rules and its easy to play. It’s perfect for anyone at the party, even those who aren’t drinking – because they can still add cards to the bridge and make the game harder for the others who are drinking.


As the guests arrive at your party, hand each one a few pieces of paper and a pen. On each piece of paper, you should have written “In the coming year, I will…”, and encourage them to finish the sentence with predictions about their new year. They should be as comical as possible when writing their answers.

Gather all the paper back from your guests once they’re finished and randomly hand them back out. Guests take turns reading their new fortune for the year.

This game is great to disperse any awkwardness of people that maybe meeting for the first time. It’s not at all a serious game, and you can play it without any alcohol getting involved. Though, if you did decide to play it once everyone was drunk on the New Year’s cheer, then we hope that someone is good at reading scribbles.


When your guests have arrived, ask them to write down one of their New Year’s resolutions on a piece of paper. Give each guest a number if not everyone knows each other’s names and have a large piece of paper up that correlates their name and number. At some point during the party, ask your guests who they think the resolution belongs to.

At the end of the night, reveal who your guests thought each resolution belonged to, and who the resolution was written by.

This game is a great way for people to get to know each other, and you can use the name and number board as a tally for each resolution, too. It’s always interesting to see what someone thinks another person is likely to do.


You’ll need a fun New Year’s style hat for this one, and some extremely excitable guests. The aim of the game is for a guest to transfer the hat from their head to another person’s head, BUT! They can’t use their hands. Your guests should sit down in a circle for this one and see how far they can get.

It’s a comical game to play, and your guests will need to get creative if they want the hat to get anywhere in the circle. If a player drops the hat, they’re out! The last player left wins a prize and they get to keep the hat as well. 


Fill some balloons with words and/or phrases that relate to New Year’s. Your guests should take turns to pop a balloon each and act out the words or phrases that are written inside the one that they popped.

Keep track of the amount of time that is required for your guests to get the answer right. This can be played in paired teams (like standard charades) or you can have one person acting while the group tries to figure out what they’re doing. In the case that your guests are playing as a group, the person who guesses correctly is the winner.

This is a fun-filled game that only gets better as the night goes on. It’s great to get people to interact with each other and is always a loud and messy crowd-pleaser.

Nakoa Davis

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  1. Top ten worst”” just sounds weird. Shouldn’t the ten worst be a “”bottom ten””?
    I’m also pretty sure there were worse games made this year, these are just well known games that weren’t particularly good.

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