Liar’s Dice

OBJECTIVE OF LIAR’S DICE: Make wise bets and get drunk with your friends!

MATERIALS: Beer, playing table for all player, 4-6 dice per player, 1 opaque cup per player



Liar’s Dice is a drinking game which consists of wagering drinks in a similar mechanism to Texas Hold ‘Emin that players place bets based upon what players think their opponents have rolled. Players will need some beer, 4 to 6 dice per player, 1 opaque cup per player, a table large enough for everyone to gather and play around.

To start, all active players sit in a circle around the playing table and fill their cup with their dice. Players roll the dice in using the cup, the player who rolls the highest total score starts the game by betting first.


Players begin by shaking the dice in their cup and then turning the cup upside down so that the cup cover all their die completely. Players can examine their own dice but may not see anyone else’s.

The First Bet

The player who rolled the highest score prior to starting the game takes their first bet. Bets are made in 1. quantity of dice and 2. face value of the dice. For example, one may bet “3 fives” or “4 twos.”

The goal of betting is to place a bet where the summed face values of the dice rolled {between all the players) is equal or greater than their bet. Note, 1s are considered wild, they may not be betted on.

Continuing the Betting

The player sitting to the direct left of the player who placed the first bet may raise or challenge.

  • If the player raises, they may place a bet with an equal number of dice but increase their numerical value. For example, for 4 twos to 4 threes. Or, the may bet with an increased number of dice: this can be raised in any increment a player wishes, for example, from two dice to 5 dice is a legal raise. The bet passes to the left until someones challenges.
  • If the player challenges, all players lift their cups. Players sum the face values of all the dice on the table. If the bet placed is equal to or greater than the total value of the dice, the bettor has won and the player who challenged them must take 3 drinks and lose a dice (for the remainder of the game).However, if the total value of the dice are less than the player’s bet, the challenger wins. The bettor takes three drinks and loses one die for the remainder of the game.

Players refill their cups with the dice that remain, shake, and repeat turning over their cups while concealing their dice. However, betting in this round will start with the player who challenged in the previous round.

Play continues until only one dice remains, that player is the winner!


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