OBJECTIVE OF MIDNIGHT: Be the first player to score 100 points


MATERIALS: Six 6 sided dice, way to keep score

TYPE OF GAME: Dice game

AUDIENCE: Family, Adults


Like most dice games, Midnight is often played for money or to decide who buys the next round. Removing those elements makes the game more family friendly, and it is still an enjoyable icebreaker for family game night. 

In Midnight, also known as 1-4-24, players are trying to be the first to earn 100 points or more.  This is done by rolling dice and creating the highest score value possible.  Scores are locked in by rolling a 1 and a 4.


To decide who goes first, each player should roll all six dice.  The player with the highest total goes first.

On a players turn, they begin by rolling all six dice.  Players must keep at least one die per roll.  They may keep more if they wish.  This means that on a player’s turn they may roll anywhere from one to six times in order to get the highest score possible and also roll a 1 and a 4.  If a player fails to lock in their score by rolling a 1 and a 4 by the end of their final roll, they score zero points for the turn.

For example, if player one rolls all six dice and gets 3-2-1-6-6-5, they may keep as many dice as they wish.  Strategically, it would be best for them to keep the 1-6-6.  Although a 5 is a good roll, they still need a 4 in order to lock in their score.  Leaving three dice to roll gives them a better chance of getting a 4.  Player one rolls the three remaining dice and gets 4-1-1.  They choose to keep the 4 and roll the remaining two dice.  They roll again and get a 1-2.  Neither of these are good, but the player must keep at least one dice per roll, so they keep the 2.  The player makes their final roll and gets a 3.  By the end of their turn they have a 1-4 (to lock in their score), 2-3-6-6.  Their total score for this turn is 17 points.

Remember, if a player does not roll a 1 and a 4 by the end of their turn, they do not score any points. 


Play like this continues until a player reaches 100 points or more.  The first player to do so wins the game.

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