OBJECTIVE OF SLAP CUP: Bounce a ping pong ball into your cup before the player to your left, and slap their cup out of the way


CONTENTS: 2 empty red Solo cups, 2 ping pong balls, 10-20 red Solo cups filled ⅓ of the way with beer

TYPE OF GAME: Drinking Game

AUDIENCE: Ages 21+


Slap cup is a competitive drinking game that is played individually. You need at least four people to play the game, but the more players, the more fun it will be! This game can get pretty messy (as you would imagine from a game that involves slapping cups out of people’s hands), so be prepared with a clean-up crew.


You’ll essentially need all of the same materials for beer pong to play slap cup. For this game, you need quite a few Solo cups, about 3-4 cups for every player. You will also need two extra Solo cups and two ping pong balls for the gameplay. You need enough beer to fill each Solo cup approximately ⅓ of the way. If you plan to play this game at a Beer Olympics or want to keep score, you can also have a player designated to be scorekeeper.


Place all but 2 of the Solo cups in the middle of the table in a hexagon shape. Fill each Solo cup in the hexagon ⅓ of the way up with beer. Place the two empty Solo cups and the two ping pong balls in front of two random players.


Slap Cup rules

All players should stand around the table. Two players will have an empty cup in front of them. The aim for these two players is to bounce the ball into the cup and pass it to the next player. If you bounce the ball into the cup in one try, you can pass the cup to any player at the table. When making the ball into the cup after the first try, you move the to the next player to the left.

If you bounce the ping pong ball into the cup, and the player to your left also has a cup that they are attempting to bounce a ball into, you must slap their cup out of the way. The other player must then grab a new cup, drink the beer, and then try again to make the ping pong ball into the cup. The player who slapped the cup then passes their cup to any player at the table. The round ends when all of the cups from the middle are gone.

If a player is trying to bounce a ping pong ball into their cup and the ball accidentally lands in one of the middle cups, they must drink the middle cup before continuing to play.


If you have decided to keep score for this game, the scorekeeper should mark down how many times each player slaps another player’s cup. Optionally, the scorekeeper can also deduct points from a player who gets their cup slapped. When the round ends, the player who has slapped the most cups wins!