Can online games fully substitute the offline ones in 5 years from now?

The development of games and their progressive transfer online has radically changed their appeal and how we interact with them. And this affects the sector’s future prospects, and not only, as games have always been a perfect vehicle to transmit cultural references and lifestyles indirectly.

The evolution of the gamer

Even a new world like the one of video games is now almost fifty years old, so several generations have succeeded from its beginning. 

Statistics of the modern video games industry tell us that the current average gamer has played for 14 years. This means that he has witnessed an enormous technical development of the sector – with games becoming better and richer – and having access to the socialisation possibilities offered by modern tools. In short, his way of playing has changed from a solitary to a group experience, with the added benefit of the virtually endless support possibilities offered by the free resources of the internet.

There is an incredible amount of material produced by enthusiasts, offering tips and walkthroughs to optimise their experience of different games. For example, some sites offer the best tips for playing poker, roulette tips and tricks to win and how best to win at slots. These guides, hints, tips and tricks are available to everyone, opening the doors of knowledge of the world of igaming to those approaching it for the first time and allowing them to participate competitively. This can make the casino and gaming experience smoother for users, who have never played games in this category before.

Community building

The aspect of community creation has been an important step in spreading the gaming culture. Whereas before, learning was strictly personal, and cost a lot of effort, nowadays the group’s experience is used to solve practical problems. Moreover, the communities of fans of different titles, often favoured in their organisation by the manufacturers themselves, provide an important foundation for developing titles, primarily since synergy produces a greater overall effect than the sum of the individual components.

And the relationship between these people pushes on the accelerator of the development of online titles, both as a game in a collective space and in the sharing of results obtained alone in solo play, with the organisation of tournaments and rankings. And those who know the high scores on the old arcades understand what we are talking about.

The state of the art of modern gaming

To date, statistics tell us that gamers tend to gravitate towards group experiences. Of gamers, 63% favour collective gaming, whether team-based or competitive one-on-one. And the effect is to create vast hubs of aggregation of people from different parts of the world, working towards a specific outcome. 

This trend certainly has to make us think about the scale of this phenomenon, especially in spreading a culture of inclusivity that occurs naturally in a gaming environment. So, among gamers, you can find everyone, including an actor with a godly physique like Henry Cavill, who has never hidden his love for games

So there is no doubt that the trends in the gaming industry are moving in the direction of developing the online experience. Perhaps completely replacing the offline expertise of games will be difficult since many are traditionally played offline. However, what is certain is that the gaming world as a whole is becoming more and more fashionable.