The Most Popular Games Among Students

Studying is a tiring activity without a doubt. No wonder high school and college students check reviews, order professional assistance with essays, research papers, and other assignments to get some more time to rest. They don’t always prefer to sleep during those hours they get, though. Relaxation can have different forms.

Some students watch movies or read books. Other young people play single or multiplayer videogames. And there are those who admire gathering a pack of friends in a dorm room to play board games.

Regardless of who you are, a newbie or a pro tabletop geek, the list of most popular and involving board games for students below will come in handy. It’s never too late to check the bestessay review, ask other pros to assist you with assignments, and then try out new games with your mates.


The word “munchkin” means a breed of cute short-leg cats and a person tending to do everything they can to win the tabletop game session (origins from D&D). Munchkins either ignore or accept the rules when it is profitable for them. They never play a role. Munchkins perceive their in-game avatar as a chess figure. Steve Jackson created his tabletop game named Munchkin to laugh upon fantasy RPG clichés and to let players have a lot of fun.

A typical Munchkin game is an imitation of a simplified fantasy board RPG session. Players need to slay monsters and gather treasures here. One session will take about 60 minutes regarding the number of participants.

Players begin their game at level 1 with no class assigned. The goal is to reach level 10. Within a round, a player takes the appropriate card from the deck to see what’s hidden behind it. In case there’s a monster, a player should fight them. To win a fight, a player’s level (boosted with items and cards they use) should exceed a monster’s one.

The most exciting part about Munchkin is that all other players at the table can make their impact on a competitor’s fight. They can add cards into a fight, a monster, and everyone’s adventure to help each other deal with the in-game event or to make it more challenging. The key is that it is usually more profitable to let your competitor down. Ha-ha.

Arkham Horror (2018 Edition)

The 2nd edition of Arkham Horror appeared in 2005. Its popularity expanded rapidly, especially among H. P. Lovecraft’s fans. 13 years later, the 3rd edition of this horror board game was released.

A terrifying danger is threatening Arkham again. The creatures from another world made it to our reality. Players will face the supernatural, make it through mysterious adventures, fight monsters and travel through other realities here.

You and your friends might especially like Arkham Horror due to the fact that the game itself is your enemy here. It’s a co-op based board game where all human players either win or lose together. To reach the final chapter, you all need to cooperate and investigate cases. Go as one, and maybe you’ll prevail.


This board game became a hit since its release. Despite its difficulty, Pandemic became overpopular all over the world as it was extremely involving.

The main goal of all participants is to stop four dangerous diseases by creating vaccines. Players need to cooperate and fight against in-game mechanics. The engine is based on two decks of cards here.

The first deck shows the cities where the epidemic threat is. The second one contains cards for players. Each card stands for one of the cities and has its color representing one of the diseases.

After one player collects five cards of a single color, they can create a vaccine and eliminate the respective disease. The game ends when all four infections get their vaccines.


You know about it. Most probably, there is no student who hasn’t heard about Monopoly. Here, every player develops a business: invests in projects, rents buildings, pays taxes. And does everything they can in order to avoid bankruptcy. Strategic thinking and the ability to plan every step are the keys to become a monopolist and win.

Monopoly became the first and most loved game for multiple generations of players. So, it is time to check this edubirdie review, order assignment help from professionals, and start another Monopoly session to let your brain rest from studying.

Good luck!


Do you like playing Mafia? If yes, then “Bang!” will become your favorite tabletop game for sure! Here, every participant gets some cards to define their in-game role, character, and fight characteristics.

A role is the main factor determining every participant’s goal in each session. A Sheriff, together with two Deputies, should do everything possible to find and liquidate three Outlaws. Outlaws need to kill a Sheriff. A Renegade does not care: their goal is to become the last one alive.

The point is, all the roles but a Sheriff are hidden. Players know only their own role. Here is when that live conversation enters the scene. Every player decides who to fight on their own. A mistake will cost your life.

Lock & load! 

Nakoa Davis