In most sports, the differences between men’s and women’s events are often nonexistent or as trivial as a minor scoring, formatting, or rule change. Men’s and women’s gymnastics, however, are two distinctly different sports! SIMILARITIES Before discussing the very apparent differences between men’s and women’s gymnastics, it is important to first point out the similarities … Read moreMEN’S VS. WOMEN’S GYMNASTICS


Despite being played on vastly different court surfaces, beach volleyball and indoor volleyball are variations of the same game, with a few key differences separating the two. Regardless of the similarities, however, the two sports drastically vary in pace, complexity, and even skill sets required to play at a high level. SIMILARITIES Before addressing the … Read moreBEACH VOLLEYBALL VS INDOOR VOLLEYBALL


While most people are familiar with the general sport of archery, most only know it as a target practice game. Target archery is often the event with which people are familiar, most likely because the sport is featured in the Summer Olympics. However, upon hearing of field archery, it is important that people understand that … Read moreFIELD ARCHERY VS TARGET ARCHERY


INTRO Despite both tennis and table tennis fundamentally being the same game played on vastly different scales, it is precisely this scale that differentiates the skills required for each sport. GAME SPEED When the scale of a sport shrinks, the pace generally increases as a result. For soccer, a smaller pitch would easily produce far … Read moreTENNIS VS TABLE TENNIS

Ice Hockey Vs. Field Hockey

INTRO From an outsider’s perspective, ice hockey and field hockey might seem like the same game played on a different surface. Although the objective of each game is identical (to score more goals than the opposing team), the two stick-based sports have distinct and contrasting rules that significantly alter the pace of the game. PLAYING … Read moreIce Hockey Vs. Field Hockey

10 Best Ice Breaker Drinking Games

Imagine you’re hosting a party or attending one with strangers. Of course, you can go around the room and introduce yourself to everybody, but what’s the fun in that? Instead, try one of these 10 ice breaker drinking games to get everyone socializing and having fun together. Skip that awkward introduction and jump straight into … Read more10 Best Ice Breaker Drinking Games


Cricket is played in many parts of the world and is popular mainly in places like England, South Asia, Australia, and Africa. Baseball, on the other hand, is less popular internationally but is played extensively at a professional level in the United States, Japan, and Cuba. Although the games look very similar, there are some … Read moreCRICKET VS BASEBALL