Before the age of computers, people would play physical games. Over the years, some of the most classic games have emerged, including games like chess and poker. While these games are incredibly fun to play, the advent of the Internet has brought another aspect of gaming. With the Internet, it’s now possible to play these games whenever and wherever you want. Even if you don’t have the materials at hand! But what kinds of games can you play online?

Here are some of the most popular games that have successfully infiltrated the online space!


As a classic board game that has been played for hundreds of years, chess is about as low-tech as it comes. Chess is a good example of how classic “physical” games have adapted to the online age by keeping the core components of what makes them engaging while also finding ways to innovate where possible. This has been done through the use of online leader boards and forums. These online spaces help build up a dedicated community of players. Technological innovations also allow players from across the world to play against each other – players you would otherwise never meet in person!

There are MANY chess websites to choose from if you want to play online chess, including this one.


Another popular “physical” board game you can play online is Scrabble. There are many platforms you can use, such as Play Scrabble and Words With Friends. This classic word search game has been around since 1938, and it’s a board game most families will have in their homes.

However, Online Scrabble kicks this board game up a notch and allows you to play with friends and family across the world. You can also choose to play with strangers or go against a computer for an extra challenge! Furthermore, with apps like Words With Friends, you can even have multiple games going at the same time, which allows you to really brush up on your Scrabble skills.


Codenames is the perfect card game to play if you have more than 4 players. A super fun team game, Codenames seems like the type of game that would be difficult to play online. But it’s actually relatively simple! The only catch is that online Codenames still requires a third-party video call program of some sort in order for teams to communicate during the game. But as long as you have a method of communication between all teammates, as long as everyone has the link to join the game, you can get started! The website will divide the players into teams of two and show the right cards to the chosen Spymasters.

We’ve got the rules for online Codenames if you need a refresher on how to play.


One of the most entertaining deception and social games you can play is Coup. Coup is a bluffing card game in which you try your best not to lose your influence in court. This game is best played in a small group of at least three players. While Coup is originally a board game that you can buy, you can also play it online, which is perfect for groups that are not together physically.

Just like Codenames, you will need to figure out a mode of communication beforehand so that you can challenge players and yell over one another as you try to make your case, just as you would a normal game of Coup. But once you’ve got that figured out, someone simply needs to make a Coup game and all other players simply join the game to get started.

You can play Coup online here.


Clue or Cluedo is one of the best board games that have been moved over to the online space. Unlike the other popular games mentioned above, you will need to pay some money in order to access this game, but it’s totally worth it! For less than $5, you’ll be able to access this crime-solving board game in animated 3D. You can follow suspects through the mansion, unlock motives, alibis, and so much more!

In fact, this online version of Cluedo is so much more interactive than the original board game! If you are the online player, you can play against AI detectives. But you can also play with real players around the world.


There’s no shortage of card games available online. While you can play many card games in person as long as you have a deck of cards, not everyone has one. Or perhaps you’ve simply forgotten to bring one on your trip. If this happens – have no fear. There are so many online card game options for you to choose from.

Here’s just a short list of what you can find with a quick Google search:

While there are many websites you can choose from, one we recommend is CardGames.io.


Unless you have been living under a rock for the last decade or so, you will not have been able to miss the rise of online casino games. In just a couple of decades, the casino gaming sector has completely shifted from generating the majority of its revenue at physical establishments to online.

Online casino games have made it more accessible for the average player to gamble in the comfort of their own homes. Plus, you get a much wider choice of games. So, now, you can play exactly what you feel like playing instead of being confined to a single casino. Online slots such as Sweet Bonanza are now some of the most popular games played at online casinos. And every year, online casino game developers find new and exciting ways to push the envelope with your classic casino games, including poker and blackjack!

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