Hidden Benefits of Slot Game Development

The gambling industry has magnificently improved and grew over the years. The increase in market size resulted in a 14.72 billion U.S. dollars revenue for Canada in 2019 alone. Because of this, operators and providers continue to improve and create new games to accommodate more players.

Generally, Canadian players love slots. That’s why slot games development is one of the priorities of many software developers, and it’s continuously in progress. 

Michelle Thomas, an industry specialist, listed some underlying benefits every gambler enjoys from slots development.

6 Slot Development Benefits

Here are 6 benefits brought by slot development:

1.    Free Online Slots

Through games development over the years, many casino games are now available online. Slot machines development, in particular, improved a traditional slot machine to the first online slot in 1996. As the online gambling industry continues to gain momentum, software developers continue to emerge, and online slots increase in number.

The free online slots opened more gaming opportunities. With free slots, players can first understand and become familiar with the game to build their skills and confidence before playing with real money.

2.    Excellent Game Prizes, Features, and Bonuses

More features are added to increase the chances of winning great prizes in online slots. Features that you won’t expect from a traditional slot machine are now incorporated in its virtual gameplay. These include: 

●        Multipliers – Here, the numbers are multiplied to a particular win. This is a feature unique to slots, but not all slots have multipliers.

●        Special symbols – These are wilds and scatter symbols that randomly land on the reels and increase the winnings.

●        Bonus rounds – These are additional spins triggered by landing on a particular combination on the reels. 

Aside from the games themselves, online casinos also offer great bonuses that include slot games benefits like free spins. These free spins can be used to play a particular slot. Usually, new or popular ones or whichever the casino is promoting to bring more attention and player traffic.

3. Availability in Many Platforms

Part of slots development that software developers made sure of is to be able to provide these online slots across countless online gambling operators in the industry. By exerting continuous effort to make connections with various online casinos and ensure the games are adequately programmed, their accessibility and compatibility with several casinos are now possible.

Gamblers from all over the world can play different types of slots in various online casinos like online bingo Canada. Bingo is a slot game where players need to complete combinations on the reels or grids to win. It’s famous among Canadian players and has a multiplayer option. But it takes a longer time to win.

4. Massive Variety of Slot Collection

When the first-ever video slot made it into the Internet, game developers were also inspired to create online slots. This allowed the rise of many significant collections. More developer groups were formed, expanding themes and possibilities for slots gameplay.

As a product of evolution, slots now come in varying themes and features. For example, unlike the classic slots with three reels, five- and seven-reel slots were added. The difference between these slots is their number of paylines. Paylines are where winning combinations happen, and payouts are based. The more reels, the more paylines.

5. Online Payment Options

Slots development opened up many online payment options like digital wallets, credit or debit cards, and online bank transfers. Transactions made with these options are SSL encrypted to ensure that sensitive information is secured and that the players are safe.

Some online casinos also accept virtual currency like Bitcoin that’s supported by blockchain technology. This technology makes virtual currencies capable of dealing with cyberattacks, such as hacking.

6. Wider Range of Betting Limits

Compared to before, bets in online slots are now more affordable. Originally, many online casinos had limits of 20-100 bets only. Concerned with the possible problems this may cause in the future, many regulators and authorities instituted lowering the minimum bets and approved higher maximum amounts.

With this slot machine development, players can freely choose how much they want to bet for each spin, depending on their budget. The amount of winnings and losses can also be controlled by the player. In some slots, players can bet as low as 1 and as high as 100 or more.


All of the above benefits show one significant advantage – convenience. Players can utilize especially the betting limits and the bonuses to have more opportunities to cash out. Slots development requires hard work, time, and effort, but as more features are improved, players get to have a better gambling experience.