How casino punters use traditional biathlon rules: skiing, shooting & winning… slots!

Biathlon is a popular winter sport which consists of ski racing and gun shooting. Playing casino slots is a type of gambling entertainment with spinning reels & “catching” winning combinations. Is there any common between these categories? — “No!” the most common customers will answer. “Yes, of course!” skilled casino punters will apply.

As absurd as it may sound, there are indeed many similarities between casino slots and biathlon racing. Especially casino tournaments, which are essentially individual races (here, by the way, is the first similarity with biathlon). Punters who take part in such quests often use the classic biathlon strategy. It really helps to achieve success, and you will learn how it works from this article.

What are common biathlon and casino tournament strategies?

To realize that popular winter sports and playing slots really have a lot in common, it is enough to make a step-by-step comparison of the two algorithms. The table below will help you to do this.

StepBiathlon CompetitionsCasino Tournament
1Athletes start together on a common command. Punters start playing together at the same time.
2Biathletes pick up speed quickly to break away from their rivals immediately.Punters spin reels at all tournament slots trying to take leading positions as soon as possible.
3Sportsmen reach their first shooting stage, prepare to shoot, aim carefully and shoot at targets.Punters stop fast spinning reels at all slots in a row, choose the most promising games and make rarer, but already more “targeted” bets.
4Athletes in biathlon finish shooting and start a new racing stage evenly distributing forces until the end of the whole race.Punters finish testing the “hottest” slots, and continue spinning reels at all slots in a row. But this time they do it more temperate
5After passing the intermediate stages with the repetition of the above described actions biathletes accelerate as much as possible on the last laps and finish.Casino punters repeat the previous procedure as many times as the tournament regulations allow. On the last day or hours of the tournament they accelerate as much as possible if they only see real chances to improve their current positions.

As we can see, the algorithms do have a lot in common. The only significant difference is a shorter timeframe for biathletes. However, casinos also often have short tournaments that take only a few hours. One more difference is that punters may start playing much later than the start of the tournament. However, in such cases they have less chance of success.

Of course, not everyone has the opportunity to check it all out by putting on skis and picking up a rifle. However, biathlon competitions can be watched on TV or on the Internet. But all 18+ adults can test participation in slot tournaments. Pay attention that if you have no casino experience at all, it is better to start with darmowe obroty bez depozytu. Thus, comparing the two algorithms in practice is available to anyone.

How do punters use biathletes’ experience?

Every professional biathlete must be fluent in three skills:

·         Speed skiing.

·         Sniper-level shooting.

·         Instant change of activity.

Tournaments are not the only thing

It is the last point that skilled punters have borrowed from athletes. The ability to quickly move from high-speed “high bets pressure” to measured but accurate spins is one of the main keys to success in a casino tournament. The real winner is not the one who invested in the game hundreds of times more than he gets for the prize. There are also minimal chances for those who only a few times successfully “shot”, receiving large winnings. The players who know how to combine these features competently win in tournaments often and consistently. And who else can learn such a combination better than biathletes?

Popular winter sport features are useful not only for punters who take part in tournaments. The ability to instantly transform from a fast-flying forward rocket to a static high-fidelity computer and back again can be useful for all online casino players. The vast majority of customers are well aware of what is a Random Number Generator and Return to Player coefficient. Nevertheless, entering the excitement not everyone can stop in time, even realizing that the slot will not return the money more. It is for this reason the vast majority of losses in the casino occur.So, watch the actions of professional athletes and follow the streams of skilled punters. Don’t forget to use the rules on this site if you are going to take part in biathlon or other sports competitions. We are sure that you will be able to play slots only with profit and pleasure. As for sports, do it as much as possible.

Nakoa Davis