OBJECTIVE OF AERION: The objective of Aerion is to build six ships before all of the cards have been discarded.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1 to 2 Players

MATERIALS: Instructions, 36 Elemental Cards, 12 Story Cards, 6 Ship Coins, 3 Pixie Coins, and 6 Dice

TYPE OF GAME: Party Card Game

AUDIENCE: Ages 10 and Up


The players, working cooperatively, attempt to build a fleet of flying machines. They must finish the ships with the materials that they are given. If they are unable to do so, then they lose, and the adventure through the Oniverse is cut short. Ensure that you are the best and finish those ships!

Expansions are available to include more players and longer gameplay.


Firstly, place six ship tokens in the middle of the playing area, ensuring that the project side is facing up. The three pixie coins are places beside the ships. All of the resource cards are separated into six decks, depending on the combinations found on the backs of the cards. Each deck is shuffled by itself, and then they are placed on the table. The top card of each deck is  revealed, placed facing up in front of each deck.

The six cards that are revealed create the display. There should be room left underneath the display so that the workshops, pulpit, and reserve can be placed. Gather the dice, and then the game is ready to begin.


The game is played in numerous turns, consisting of three phases including roll, acquire, and replenish.

During their turn the player will roll the dice. On top of each of the resource cards, a number is found, determining the roll that is needed to earn it. The objective is to roll the roll that you need to take the resource card that you are going for. If the roll does not allow you to get a card, then you may earn a reroll, allowing you to roll as many of the dice as you would like to a second time.

If the roll does allow you to acquire a card, then you may move to phase two. Collect the card that you can with the roll and place it where it needs depending on what card it is. If it is an element card, then it is placed in the workshops or discard it. If it is a book, then it can be placed in your pulpit. If there is already a book, choose which one will be discarded.

When you have collected all the elements that are required to complete a ship in your workshop, you may flip the ship, showing that it is built. Discard the three elements.

If a deck does not have a card in the display, the top card from the deck can be revealed and placed in the display. If there are no cards available in the deck, then the deck stays empty.


The game may come to an end two different ways. If the players manage to build six ships, presenting their flying side, then they win the game. If the resource decks are emptied before the ships are build, then the players lose.

Nakoa Davis