OBJECTIVE OF AFTERMATH: The objective of Aftermath is for all of the players to accomplish the goals of the characters and keep the colony from disbanding.  

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1 to 4 Players

MATERIALS: 1 Adventure Book, 23 Plastic Meeples, 2 Resolution Dice, 1 Gameboard, 1 Sideboard, 1 Travel Map, 1 Discovery Deck, 4 Character Cards, 37 Action Cards, 4 Character Influence Cards, 51 Item Cards, 17 Status Cards, 20 Ability Cards, 17 Encounter Cards, 8 Mission Cards, 22 Enemy Cards, 10 Environment Cards, 13 Vehicle Cards, 1 Situation Token, 1 Party Marker, 25 Wound Tokens, 1 Scavenge Token, 8 Battery Tokens, 4 Objective Tokens, 5 Fire Tokens, 8 Roach Tokens, 4 Hornet Drones, 1 Dustfeather Token, 3 Heavy Object Tokens, 1 Fishhook Token, 3 Aim Tokens, 1 Boat Token, 1 Struck Standee, 1 Jeep Standee, 2 Enemy Bike Standees, 2 Skate Standees, 1 Smoke Standee, 4 Standee Stands, 7 Dial Connectors, 7 Deck Boxes, and 14 Baggies

TYPE OF GAME: Strategy Board Game

AUDIENCE: Ages 14 and Up


Players take on roles of providers for their colony. Humans have vanished, and the animals control the colonies now. Each character has their own style and personality. The players adventure out into the wilderness, away from the safety of the colonies. Grow your colony by providing resources, building structures, and making improvements. The players must finish all of the objectives and keep the colony alive, or else they will lose everything.


TO begin setup, place the Adventure Book in the middle of the playing area with the sideboard placed on the right side. The travel map should be placed near the Adventure Book, with the party marker placed on the Abbigail Lane spot. All of the players will then choose a character, choosing the deck box that matches their character.

The action deck, item deck, and encounter cards are shuffled separately, creating three shuffled decks. Create four faceup decks including a deck of the status cards, a deck of environment cards, a deck of mission cards, and a deck of boss enemy cards. All of the scavenge tokens are placed face down into different piles, depending on level of difficulty.

Separate stacks of wound tokens, battery tokens, dustdeather tokens, hornet tokens, roach tokens, fire tokens, and objective tokens are created. The rest of the game pieces can be sat to the side until they are needed.

The game is ready to begin.


During a player’s turn, they have five steps they must complete in chronological order. Firstly, they must draw five action cards. If they have action cards remaining in their hand from a prior turn, they may discard any of them they wish. If there are not enough cards in the deck, the player may shuffle the discard pile, and then draw from it.

Secondly, they must resolve calamity. If a player draws a calamity card, they reveal it and then add it to the discard pile. If it has already been resolved per the Adventure book, then nothing occurs. If it is not resolved, the player will roll the black die. Then add the roll to the time dial. If the number is higher than the value found on the card, then it is resolved.

Next, a player will place threats by placing the black cards onto the threat track in an order of their choosing. If the slot already has an enemy card on it, then the player will simply slide the threat card underneath the enemy card. After they have placed threats, the player will perform actions. Any, and all, of their action cards can be used to complete actions.

Finally, a player will check the threat. If there are four or more threat cards, then it is safe. If the number of threat cards is equal to the number of enemies, then an enemy turn must be resolved.

Skill Test

Most of the actions require either a regular or an opposed skill test. Each test will have a symbol that associates it and a difficulty level. An action card that has the same symbol must be used in order to resolve a skill test. Additional cards may be played after the matching card has been played. If the total value of the played cards is equal or greater than the test difficulty, then the player has succeeded in the test!

Group Tasks

Group tasks are different from skill tests in the fact that they are only based on the played cards, they are more difficult to resolve, and the entire group may aid in the completion of the task. They are normally began by the adventure book. Players have the ability to play action cards to the group task when it is their turn. Cards must match in color or number in order to help. If the task dial is equal or greater than the difficulty, then everyone has succeeded.

Enemy Turn

In order to resolve an enemy turn, players must activate the enemies. Enemies are activated one at a time in order of the threat track. First, players will match an action on the card to the value of the threat card that is paired with that enemy. This will determine the enemy’s strength.

Then, move the enemy in the direction of the closest player until it is in the same space as the character or until it has moved the number of spaces that is equal to its speed. If no players are within the range, then nobody will be attacked, but if there is a close character, then they become the target. The target must defend themselves against an attack by resolving an opposing skill set.

The attack will inflict a wound on the character if they are unable to resolve the skill set. After an enemy has been activated, the threat card is discarded, and the next enemy is activated. The process repeats itself until all of the enemies are activated.

Ending a Mission

If players can complete their mission, then the adventure book will explain how to proceed. If all of the players become out of play, then the main mission is failed. Going over the allotted amount of time on a mission does not immediately lead to failure.


The game comes to an end either when the players complete all of the characters’ goals or when the colony collapses. If the colony collapses, then the game comes to an end and the players lose the game. If the players complete all of the characters’ goals, while keeping the colony afloat, then the players win the game!

Nakoa Davis