OBJECTIVE OF ARKADIA: The objective of Arkadia is to be the player with the most gold when the game comes to an end.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 4 Players

MATERIALS: 1 Game Board, 1 Building Lot, 4 Player Screens, 16 Architect Banners, 40 Building Cards, 40 Buildings, 88 Seals, 44 Workers, 24 Neutral Workers, 28 Castle Pieces, Gold Coins, and Rules

TYPE OF GAME: Strategy Board Game

AUDIENCE: Ages 10 and Up


 Arkadia is a game where players use builders, workers, and resources to build structures throughout the city of Arkadia. There are four families, and each building has a seal from one of them. When players build homes, they also build onto the castle, increasing the value of their seal. When the 2nd story is built, the last round of the game begins.


Be careful when removing the elements, as they will tear easily. Begin setup by placing a square seal tile in each of the castle pieces. Place the board in the middle of the playing area. Ensure that the building area for the castle is positioned in a grid in a way so that none of the tent camps are hidden.

Each player will collect a player screen, 4 architect banners, and three workers in the color of their choosing. The banners are oriented so that they hang from the top of the player’s screen on the outer part, and the workers are hidden by the screen. The rest of the workers are placed beside the board, forming the general pool.

The pieces of the castle are placed on the pool areas at the edge of the board in the following manner: three red, olive, silver, and black are put in the areas for the first and second floor and four pieces on the squares that are for the third floor. The neutral floor squares for the third floor will stay empty until later in the game.

The buildings are organized into their own piles and places beside the board. Each player will then get dealt four building cards from the well shuffled deck. These cards are placed face down, but the three placed to the side of the board will be facing up. the game is then ready to begin!


The youngest player will begin the game, and gameplay will continue clockwise around the group. A player’s turn is divided into two parts, a “must” and a “can”.

During the Must section, a player must either play a building card or introduce new workers. If they choose to play a building card, they must place it adjacent to a preexisting building or adjacent to a worker. The seal that is found on the card is placed at the location of the building, white the building card is discarded.

If they choose to introduce workers, the player will place neutral workers onto empty squares adjacent to a building on the board. Players who have introduced workers to a building receive a payout when it is completed. They earn a seal of the matching color of the building.

During the Can section, a player may use their architect banner. If the player uses one of their architect banners, then they earn two workers of their color. Players may also exchange their seals for gold, depending on the castle.


When a player places the last castle piece on the 2nd floor of their castle, the rest of the players will get one last turn. After this round. Is complete, the players will evaluate their seals. The player with the most gold, wins the game!

Nakoa Davis