OBJECTIVE OF BAD BONES: The objective of Bad Bones is to be the player with the most points by the end of the game.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1 to 6 Players

MATERIALS: 2 Rulebooks, 77 Coin Tokens, 8 Weapon Tiles, 6 Hero Figurines, 24 Tower Floors, 57 Trap Tiles, 30 House Tiles, 6 Cemetery Tiles, 6 Boards, 19 Skeleton Chief Tokens, 180 Skeleton Tokens, and 1 Cloth Bag

TYPE OF GAME: Strategy Board Game

AUDIENCE: Ages 8 and Up


 Your kingdom is peaceful, and your relations with surrounding kingdoms have always been good, until now. Rumors have spread that hordes of skeletons have risen from the grave and are coming for what they think is theirs, your kingdom. That want a home that is above ground, and your “friends” have now abandoned you to fend for yourself. Fight off the ivory army, or seek revenge, and send them towards your friendly neighbors.


 Place all of the skeleton tokens into the cloth bag. The Play Aid board should be placed in the middle of the table, with the white side facing up. Each player will then collect a gameboard, a cemetery tile, five house tiles, six trap tiles, seven walls, two catapults, a dragon, a treasure, four tower floors, a hero, and four skeleton tokens. When the players have oriented all of their things in front of them, the game is ready to begin!


The game is played in rounds, each consisting of four phases. The phases must be played in order, but when in the phases, players are able to play simultaneously.

Phase 1

Players will move their heroes during this phase. Heroes must move one space, and they are never allowed to stay in the same place. Heroes are unable to leave the players’ boards, but they can move onto the tower. Heroes defeat all of the skeletons found in the space he moves into. Even if they move onto a trap, the effect is not triggered.

Phase 2

During this phase, players may place a trap, retrieve a trap, or do nothing. If they choose to place a trap, they will choose one from their supply, place it right side up, on a space that is unoccupied. Forests and Villages cannot have traps.

If they choose to retrieve a trap, then they may collect it and add it to their supply. The trap becomes intact again when it is returned to the supply.

Phase 3

All skeletons will advance during this phase. The skeletons will move forward one space in the same direction that it is pointing. Whenever a player moves a skeleton, it should be flipped, to show that it has been moved. All skeletons on the boards should have the same side showing.

If a skeleton moves into a forest, it immediately goes into that player’s cemetery that is found in the direction it went. If a skeleton reaches the bottom of a board, it destroys a house. If it moves into the tower, a floor is destroyed. If it moves onto a Hero, then it is destroyed by the hero. Traps are initiated when a skeleton steps on it.

Phase 4

New skeletons arrive during this phase. Three skeletons are drawn by each player and added to their cemeteries. All skeletons in the cemetery are moved into the forest just as during setup. They will enter during phase three of the next round.


When a player is eliminated, the game comes to an end when that round is over. The players who are still in the game will tally their points. They will earn a point for each star that is visible in their supply and on their board, 4 points for each floor of their tower, and 3 points for house in their village. The player with the most points will win the game!

Nakoa Davis