OBJECTIVE OF BATTLESHIP ROYALE:  The last player with ships remaining wins

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 – 6 players

MATERIALS: 1 battle grid, 4 storage trays, 60 hit pegs, 60 miss pegs, 50 sunk pegs, 30 standard mode cards, 30 advanced mode cards, 6 command centers, 1 die

TYPE OF GAME: Deduction board game




  • Cost: $118 for 5-foot tower, $100 for 4-foot tower
  • Included: Battle grid, 50 sunk pegs, 60 miss pegs, and 60 hit pegs, 6 command center cards, 1 die
  • Age: 8+

Battleship Royale pits up to six players against each other in an epic naval battle to determine who is the greatest commander.  Draft ships, take shots, and sink your opponents using deduction and luck.  An included advanced mode also throws sonar sweeps and extra bonus shots into the mix.  Be the last player standing to win the game.



Out of the box, you will receive a battle grid with storage trays that hold the 50 sunk pegs, 60 miss pegs, and 60 hit pegs.  Rather than taking one shot at a time, players roll a die to determine how many shots they get.  At the beginning of the game, ships are drafted from the normal blue deck or the advanced red deck.  There are also enough command center card holders for six players.



Unsnap the grid from the storage trays.  Snap the storage trays together at the corners to form the base of the game board.  The storage trays with dividers should be opposite each other.  Place the grid on top of the storage trays and snap it into place.  Sunk ship pegs go in the trays with the Battleship Royale logo on them, and the miss/hit pegs go in the trays with the divider.

Each player takes a command center (card holder).  Shuffle the blue ship cards and deal five to each player in a game with 2 – 4 players, or you deal four to each player in a 5 – 6 player game.  Players then look at the ships they were dealt and choose two to discard.  All remaining cards are placed in their command center. 


The youngest player goes first and turn order continues clockwise.  On your turn, roll the die.  Take as many shots as the number rolled.  

To take a shot, simply say the coordinate you are shooting.  After the coordinate has been declared, opponents must check their ship cards to see if they have been hit.  If a hit occurs, that player must say so.  Mark the coordinate on the grid with the appropriate peg (hit or miss).  The player who was hit also marks their command center with a hit peg.  Once the player has taken their shots for the turn, play passes to the next player.

When a ship is sunk, the player announces it immediately.  The sunken ship’s card is then handed to the player who sank it.  Add the sunk pegs to the hit pegs on the board to denote that particular ship is out of play.

The player who sunk the ship and collects the card earns a bonus shot that can be used immediately or on a future turn.  Once the bonus shot is used, turn the card over.



Once a player has lost all of their ships, they are out of the game.  The last player to have ships remaining wins!


Use the red deck instead of the blue deck.  Separate the ship cards from the submarine cards.  Give each player one submarine card.  Shuffle the ship cards and deal four to each player in a 2 – 4 player game or deal 3 to each player in a 5 – 6 player game.  Each player discards two of the cards they were given, and they place the rest in their command center along with their submarine card.

Begin your turn by using your sonar if you wish.  You only get one sonar sweep from your submarine per game.  To use your sonar, simply call out a row or a column.  When an opponent has a ship in that row or column, they must say PING out loud.  That row or column is then marked with a red hit peg.  If you do not wish to use your sonar, go on to the next step.  

Roll the die and fire that number of shots.  In the advanced mode, all shots are fired at once.  Do not pause between coordinates.  Simply say them and wait for your opponents to check their cards.  Any hits are announced and accounted for just like in the normal rules.  

Since submarines are below the surface of the water, it is possible for them to be in a location shared with another ship.  If a hit occurs in an overlapping location, both the submarine and surface ship are hit.  Mark this by stacking two pegs on that location.  Do not mark that space with a sunk peg until both ships are sunk.

When you sink a ship, you collect the card like normal.  Each card has a picture telling you how many extra shots you get to use.  All of the bonus shots must be fired at the same time.  You also get a bonus sonar sweep when you sink an opponent’s submarine.  Both the bonus shots and sonar sweep can be used immediately or on a future turn.

Just like in the normal game, players are eliminated once they have lost all of their ships.  The last player remaining wins.

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