OBJECTIVE OF SCHIEBER JASS: The objective of Bauernheinrich is to be the first player to rid you hand of all of your cards.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 4 Players

MATERIALS: 1 Reduced Skat Deck

TYPE OF GAME:  Shedding Card Game



Bauernheinrich is a fun shedding type card game that originated in Germany. It can be played with German cards, French cards, or a normal deck that is altered for gameplay. This game accommodates up to four players, as each player will have a suit assigned to them. You must try to play all of the cards from your hand before any of the other players, so get to it and start shedding those cards!


Firstly, the dealer and the seating arrangements are determined. This is done by drawing for the high card. The player who draws the highest card becomes the first dealer and choose their seat first. The dealer position will rotate counterclockwise around the group. The player who draws the lowest card will choose their seat last.

The dealer will then shuffle the cards, allowing the player on their right to cut the deck. The dealer will then deal three cards, then two cards, and then three more cards to each player. Players should have eight cards in their hand. The game is then ready to begin!


Once the players have their hand, they will examine them and claim their suit. The players are assigned suits according to where they are sitting in the group. The player with the Ace of Clubs will claim Clubs. Continuing clockwise around the group with the next player being Spades, then Hearts, and finally Diamonds.

The player who claims Clubs will lead the first trick of the game. This player may lead with any card. The next player may only play a higher ranked card. A higher card of the leading suit can be played. Any card from their own suit may be played. Finally, any Jack can be played.

Players are punished for being unable to play a card to the hand by having to add all of the played cards to their own hand. Gameplay continues around the group until a player has no more cards in their hand. The game immediately comes to an end and the winner is decided!


The game comes to an end when a player no longer has any cards left in their hand. At this point, the game immediately ends, regardless of when it occurs, and that player is declared the winner!

Nakoa Davis