OBJECTIVE OF BIBLIOS: The objective of Biblios is to collect more Victory Points than any other player.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 4 Players

MATERIALS: 1 Game board, 5 Die, 87 Playing Cards, and Instructions

TYPE OF GAME: Strategy Board Game

AUDIENCE: Ages 10 and Up


You are attempting to build the greatest library of sacred books that the world has ever seen, but you aren’t the only one. Other abbots are also trying to amass the sacred books. You must maintain your stores by using workers are resources. If you can outsmart the other players, maybe you can win, but don’t forget, your opponents think the same way!


Place the gameboard in the middle of the playing area, within reach of all players. One die should be placed on each category, with the three facing upwards. Some cards will be discarded, depening on the number of players. With two players, six gold cards and 21 random cards are discarded, with three players 3 gold cards and 12 random cards are discarded, and with four players only 7 random cards are discarded.

Any random cards that are discarded should be drawn from the deck, and they may be any type of card. The rest of the cards are then shuffled and placed in a face down pile. The game is ready to begin!


Gameplay is divided into two phases, the Gift Phase and the Auction Phase. When the first player has been chosen, they become the active player, or the player who is completing their turn. The player will draw a card and place it in front of them, in the public space, or into the Auction pile. If there are two players 3 cards are allocated, 3 players will allocate 4 cards, and 4 players will allocate 5 cards.

At least one card must be placed in front of the player and to the Auction pile. Beginning with the player on the left, the players will draw a card from the public space. After the gift phase, the auction phase begins. The player will show the top card in the draw pile, placing it in the middle of the playing area. The players will then bid for the cards.

Gameplay continues in this manner until all cards in the draw pile have been used.


When the draw pile has been depleted, the game comes to an end. Players will tally their points, determining their score in each of the categories. The player with the most points in a category will win the Victory Points associated with that category. The player with the most Victory Points, wins the game!

Nakoa Davis