OBJECT OF BLANK: The objective of Blank is to be the first player to get rid of all the cards in your hand by matching colors and numbers.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 6 players

MATERIALS: 6 Game Effects Cards, 30 Illustrated Cards, and 36 Customizable Cards

TYPE OF GAME: Interactive Card Game



Blank is the perfect game for family game night! Each member may have the chance to change the game forever if they are able to win! When a player wins a game of Blank, they are then able to customize a gamecard or create their own rule card, this is dependent on what cards are still blank at the time! 

Three rules must be followed throughout the game. As cards are discarded new effects may be placed on players during their turn! Have fun, create a brand new game, and enjoy Blank!


To setup separate the Rule Cards from the other cards and remove any blank cards. Shuffle the deck of Rule Cards and the remaining cards separate. Each player will then draw 7 cards from the deck, creating their hand. Three Rule Cards will be chosen and laid where all players can see them. 

These rules must be followed throughout the course of the game, or else punishment may ensue! Flip the top card from the deck, creating the discard pile, and the game is ready to begin!


The first player is chosen by the group, there is no rule for this. The first player will see if they have a card in their hand to play. This card must match either the number or the color of the top card on the discard pile. If you have can play a card, you must play a card! 

A player may play multiple cards from their hand, these cards must have either the same color or the same number. You cannot mix and match. Once a card has been played on top of the discard pile, if it has an effect, that effect goes into play immediately. Players may play two cards at once, hiding the effect under the top card.

If a player misses a rule, does not complete an effect, or has no card to play, they must draw a card from the deck as punishment. Remember, if you can play a card, you must play a card. The first player to rid their hand of all their cards wins the game! This player can now create a new rule from a blank Rule Card, or they may create a game card instead!


The game ends when a player has no more cards left in their hand. This player is the winner and they now have the chance to customize a gamecard and make a lifelong change to the game!

Nakoa Davis