OBJECTIVE OF BLURBLE: Be the first to blurt out a legal word and win the card to score points. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 4 to 8 Players 

COMPONENTS: 348 cards, a rulebook and a sheet for educational exercises. 

TYPE OF GAME: Educational Card Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 8 and Up 


A wide knowledge of objects and a good vocabulary sets you up for success in this game. Easily identify the object on the cards, decide on a word that starts with the same letter and then blurt out that word quickly to win your opponent. 


Shuffle the cards and place them in a face down pile in the center of the play area. 

A player is chosen to be the ‘Blurber’ (the person who flips the cards in the stack). 


The Blurber takes a small stack of cards and places it between himself and the player to his left. 

The ‘Blurber’ picks up the card on the top of the deck, flips it over and drops it face down on the table ensuring that he doesn’t have the advantage of seeing the image first. 

The Blurber will then race against this player first while the others act as referees. The competing players go head to head to be the first to mention a word that starts with the first letter of the object shown (a legal word). 

The person to blurt out the correct word first wins the card and thus, a point. 

The referees will judge who spoke out first between the two players and judge if the word is legal and accepted. 

If there is a tie as to who spoke up or the referees can’t decide, the card is discarded and another one is flipped into play. 

Blurting out the wrong word does not disqualify a player, rather play continues till a valid word is blurted out and a player wins the card. 

Once the stack of cards run out the race is over and points are counted to determine the winner. 

The next race begins with the same Blurber and the next player (going clockwise) with a fresh stack of cards from the shuffled deck until the Blurber has played against everybody on the table. 

Every player must get the opportunity to be a Blurber and play against every other player. 

What qualifies as a legal word? 

  • Words that start with the same first letter as the picture on the card. 
  • Words in English language. 
  • Words that are not acronyms 
  • Words that are not proper nouns 
  • Words that don’t contain the name of the image. For example if the image is that of fire, fireproof or firefly is not a legal word. 
  • Words that are not numbers. 


Every card claimed is counted as a point for the player so cards are counted up when the game ends and the points are awarded to each player. The player with the highest point wins the game. 


Game ends when every player has had the opportunity of being a Blurber twice and scores are counted. 

Where there are up to seven or eight players, the game ends when every player has had the opportunity to act as the Blurber just once. 

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