OBJECTIVE OF CAMP: To be the first player to work your way around the board and return back to the campfire site. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 8 Players 

COMPONENTS: A game board, a big die, player pieces and the player stands, level cards, fun fact cards, question cards, a handy decoder and a rule sheet. 

TYPE OF GAME: A dice-rolling Board Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 4 and Up 


Players are campers who navigate their way around a camp site, answering questions, targeting to arrive first at the campfire site and be declared the winner. The game is an educative way of exposing players to outdoor life and the animals found there. 


Place the board in the centre of the play area. 

Players decide which animal they want to be and pick up the corresponding pawn. 

Shuffle the fun fact cards and place on the designated space on the game board. 

Shuffle the question cards and place them in the holder close to the game board. 

Each player decides at what level they want to play. Levels are 1 to 4 easiest to hardest. 


Players place the cards indicating their choice of levels in front of them. 

The youngest player is the first player so they start the game by rolling the dice first. 

Count the number of spaces indicated on the die and place your pawn on the space  

The spot on which you land on the trail determines what action you take. If a player lands on white foot prints, nothing happens and their turn ends. Play then passes to the player on the left. 

If a player lands on a green set of footprints, the player picks up a question card and attempts to answer the question of their chosen level. If they answer correctly, they roll again, where not; their turn ends and play moves to the player on the left.  

The camp decoder is used to verify if answers are right or wrong.  

If any of the question cards bears a compass symbol and the player answers it correctly, they get the compass card which earns them the right to take the shortcut to the Camp fire site . Only one player may be in possession of the Compass card at a time. 

If another player picks a question card bearing the compass symbol, the first player in possession hands it over to the next person but continues on the shortcut. 

If a player lands on a clubhouse symbol, they immediately go to the clubhouse and read a fun fact out to the hearing of all the players and their turn ends.  


The game is not based on points scored; rather all players are jostling to be the first camper to return to the camp fire site. 


The game is completed when a player gets back to the camp fire first and is declared the winner but the other players may opt to continue playing until all the players arrive back at the camp fire site. 

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