OBJECTIVE OF CONSERVATION CRISIS: To rebuild wildlife reserves and increase the wildlife population within. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 4 Players 

COMPONENTS: A game board, 4 player boards, 120 black tokens, 25 event cards, 15 community and staff meeting cards, 10 bribe cards, 4 wooden player pieces, paper money and a rule book. 

TYPE OF GAME: Educational Board Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 7 and Up 


Players navigate their way around the main board, making informed choices as to what decisions to make in other to preserve their reserves and grow their wildlife populations. 


Place the main board in the centre of the play area and put the wooden player pieces at Head Quarters (HQ). 

Players choose which animal to save and pick up the wildlife reserve player boards.  

Shuffle the each deck of cards differently and place on the designated space on the game board.  

Find the Crisis Averted card in the Event cards and slip it in somewhere in the bottom quarter of the cards. 

Deal each player $100,000 of Donor funding and an additional $25,000 as Crisis Fund to start with. 


The player with the animal whose name is first in alphabetical order starts first. 

The players take their turns moving clockwise. 

Players start off from the Headquarters, following the arrows on the road for whichever route they choose. 

Players must stop on the locations (either orange or black) they come across on their routes and obey the instructions given. Only one player may be on an orange location per time but any number of players may be on the black. 

The orange locations give you the opportunity to purchase something to either enhance your reserve to boost wildlife population or benefit the locals within your reserve. 

Every item purchased on an orange location builds up your wildlife population by five animals. 

A player may decide to purchase an item on an orange location more than once except where a restriction is placed. 

The black locations dole out instructions. The player must pick relevant cards and do as they are told. 

A player’s turn ends once they land on any of the locations and do as instructed then the next player has a go. 

On the next turn, the player moves to another location along their route. They cannot repeat the same action that ended their previous turn. 

Each action taken is reflected on the individual wildlife player boards by placing the tiny black tokens on the relevant icons depicting the action taken. 

If a player lands on any of the Community and Staff Meeting location, they pick a card, read the instructions out loud to the hearing of the other players and then do what it says. 

If the card permits the player to continue, he moves on to the next orange location on the board along his route. If not, they remain on the black location till their next turn. 

 If a player lands on the Poachers checkpoint, they have to take one of two options.  

  • They either pay a bribe of $10,000 and take a bribe card to continue their turn round the board  


  • They refuse to pay the bribe and end their present turn and loose the next too. 

If they choose to pay and pick a bribe card, they MUST NOT look at it until they get to HQ. 


When players navigate their way back to HQ, six options are available, depending on which applies to them. 

  • If a player paid a bribe, they read the bribe card out loud and do as it says. 
  • They take an event card and read it out loud as it affects all players. All players do as it says then place it face up on the discard pile. If there are only two players, each player picks up two event cards. 
  • Players can reapply for funding if they have exhausted their initial donor fund. If they haven’t, they forfeit any extra funding. 
  • If they qualify to receive tourist income, it is calculated and paid to them. Qualifying is dependent on actions taken when moving around the board. 
  • If players hired staff to work for them, they would need to pay them from their donor fund. If they do not have any money to pay, players loose the staff they cannot afford and must adjust their tokens accordingly. 
  • As standard on reaching HQ, players receive five wildlife and this must be reflected on their player wildlife boards by the black tokens. They also receive extra five wildlife for any Vet they hired or Habitat they restored. This must also be reflected on their player boards. 


The game ends once the ‘Crisis Averted’ card is picked up by any player and read aloud. The player with the highest number of wildlife is the winner. 

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