OBJECTIVE OF DIVORCE:  The objective of Divorce is to win over the children and take them home.


MATERIALS: 52 Asset Cards, 27 Legal Cards, 2 Child Cards, 2 Child Playing Pieces, 2 Playmats, 1 Dice, Play Money, and Instructions

TYPE OF GAME: Party Card Game

AUDIENCE: Ages 17 and Up


Divorce is the perfect game for the couple who needs to get out some rage in the most fun way! Attempt to win your children over, in the game of course, in order to beat your spouse! Besides divorce can be messy, might as well just make a game of it instead. Players attempt to gather assets, and this wouldn’t be divorce if lawyers weren’t involved! Play ruthlessly, after all, they are leaving you!


Firstly, shuffle all of the cards and place them in the middle of the playing area. Each player should have a playmat placed in front of them. This is where all of the assets that they win throughout the game will be gathered. After the playmats are set, and the cards are placed in the middle, the game is ready to begin.


 The first player will draw the two cards from the top of the deck. They will then choose one card to keep for themselves and give the other player the remaining card. Players are going to regret their decisions later, as the cards change as the game continues.

The next player will then do the same, choosing one card for themselves and one card for their opponent. Lawyer cards are spread throughout the deck. These cards allow players to steal assets and ruin lives!

Some of the items that are collected will help bribe the children. The children are some of the most valuable assets and winning them can turn the whole game in your favor. Watch the items that are chosen, because some will make the difference.


The game comes to an end when all of the assets have been played. At this point, players will tally up their total they have in assets, and even kids! The player with the most stuff wins the game!

Nakoa Davis