OBJECT OF EYE FOUND IT: The object of Eye Found It is for all players to be at the castle before the clock strikes midnight.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1 to 6 players

MATERIALS: One rule book, one game board, 6 player pieces, a spinner, 12 ring markers, 30 search cards, and an hourglass.

TYPE OF GAME: Children’s Board Game



Eye Found It is a children’s board game for 1 to 6 players. The goal of the game is for all players to get to the castle before the clock strikes 12. If you fail to do so, all players lose, but if all players make it then you all win.


The game board should be assembled and laid out centrally to all players. Each player will then pick their character piece for the game. The search cards should be shuffled and set near the game board within easy reach. The remaining pieces such as the hourglass, markers, and spinner should also be set near the gameboard within easy reach. The clock will be set to one and the game is ready to play.


The game starts with the youngest player. on a player’s turn, they will first spin the spinner to see what their turn will consist of. If a number is spun, that is the number of spaces the player will move forwards.

When moving you may come to branches in the path. A player may choose which path they wish to take whenever this occurs. There are also shortcuts a player may land on. If a player lands on the exact spot of a short cut, they may take it to move to the adjoining spot.

When spinning the spinner, a player may also land on a search symbol, or you may land on one of these search symbols on the board. If spun the color of the symbol is the color of the search card you will use. If you land on the spot on the board, you may choose which side of the search card you will use.

To do a search, the timer will be flipped then the word will be read out loud to all players. Players will search the board looking for pictures that fit with the word in some way. When they find one, they will place one of the plastic markers over it. Players have till the timer runs out to find as many pictures as they can. When the timer is finished the number of found pictures is counted and players move their characters forward an equal number of spaces.

If a clock is spun, then the clock is moved up the correct number of spaces and the same player spins again.


The game ends when either all players have successfully made it to the castle or the clock strikes midnight. If all players made it before the lock then the players win, but if any characters did not make it in time then all players lose.

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