OBJECTIVE OF GAME OF THRONES: WESTEROS INTRIGUE: The objective of Westeros Intrigue is to place as many of your characters in the King’s Landing court to gain more influence than your opponents.


MATERIALS: 36 Character cards, 7 Iron Throne cards, 24 Penalty tokens (with values 1, 2 and 5)

TYPE OF GAME: card placement game

AUDIENCE: teens, adults


In Game of Thrones: Westeros Intrigue, you will carefully place your pawns to get the most advantageous position in the race for the Iron Throne. This simple and yet challenging game requires a bit of observation as well as some guts to be able to place your cards on the pyramid court. Look at how your opponents are playing, count the cards of each of the four houses, and come up with a strategy to be the last one able to play! The less cards you have in hand at the end of a round, the more pawns you have in court, the more chances you have to win the Game of Thrones.


Shuffle and place all the character cards on the table face down. Then, each player draws the same amount of cards, depending on the number of players:

  • 2 players: 14 cards each (remaining cards to be put back in the game’s box)
  • 3 players: 12 cards each
  • 4 players: 9 cards each
  • 5 players: 7 cards each (remaining card to be placed face up on the table, as the starting card)
  • 6 players: 6 cards each

Place the Iron Throne cards and penalty tokens next to the court.

Example of a 4 player setup


The youngest players starts by playing a card in the court. Each player does the same in clockwise order. Each row of the court being shorter than the previous one, the court will look like a pyramid after a few turns.

The placement rules are as follows:
    – The base of the pyramid can hold up to 8 cards.
    – Cards placed on the bottom row of the pyramid must be placed next to a card already in place (except the 1st), but not between two already placed cards.
    – To place a card on top of 2 cards, that card must be of the same colour as at least one of the 2 cards it is placed upon.

When a player is not able to place a card, he is eliminated (see example above). When everyone has been eliminated, the round is over. The last player to have placed a card wins the round, and draws one Iron Throne card, that he may look at and keep face down. Any player still having cards in hand takes one penalty point per card in hand.

A new round begins, started by the player to the left of the first player.

The top right player wins the round, being the last to play a card. Bottom left and bottom right players receive respectively 2 and 4 penalty points.

Play as many rounds as there are players in the game.


Once all the rounds have been played, each player counts the penalty points on his/her tokens and then subtracts the points on his/her Iron Throne cards. The player with the lowest total wins the game. In case of a tie, the player having the Iron Throne card with the least number of swords wins.

Final score: bottom left player wins with a final score of -1, followed by top left player (0), bottom right player (2) and top right player (3)

Enjoy! 😊

Nakoa Davis