OBJECT OF HOLA: The object of Hola is to be the first player or team to score the needed number of points. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2, 4, or 6 players

MATERIALS: One (or Two for 6 players) 52-card standard deck(s), a way to keep score, and a flat surface.

TYPE OF GAME: Trick-Taking Card Game



Hola is a trick-taking card game. it can be played with 2, 4, or 6 players. If playing with 4 or 6 partnerships are made with partners sitting between two opponents. The goal of the game is to win cards worth points during tricks. this is done by matching the rank of the led card or by playing a wild card. 

In a 2 or 4 player game player will determine before the game begins how many points will be needed to win. This can be anywhere from 200 to 500 points. For a 6-player game 500 points are needed to win. 


The first dealer is chosen at random. The dealer will shuffle the deck (or 2 deck for 6 players) and deal each player a 4-card hand. The remaining cards are placed facedown in the center of the play area as a stockpile. 

The Cards and Values

The cards do not have a ranking that matters. There is also not a trump suit. The only cards of note are the 2s and 7s. These cars are wild cards and will be described in greater detail below.

There are only a few cards that have values associated with the. The Aces and 10s are all worth 10 points each, and they are what players are trying to win during tricks. The last trick is also worth 10 points in 2 and 4 player games. 


The player left of the dealer starts the game. They may lead any card they wish to the trick. Players following may play any card they want to the trick but in order to beat the led card they must either play a card of the same rank or a wild card. Once it reaches the player who start the trick again, they have two options. Either they may end the trick and the winner of it collects it and leads the next trick or the can fight for the trick. 

If they choose to fight, they will lead another card to the trick and the same rules as above apply again. A player may fight for a trick up to four times, or until players play out their last card from their hand. After this the winner of the trick collects all the cards and will lead next round

The player who wins a trick is the last player to play a card of the same rank as the led card or a wild card to the trick. 

After the round is over the players starting with the player who led the last trick will draw up to four cards into their hands and start the next round. if the stockpile does not have enough cards for everyone to draw up to 4, then the cards are evenly distributed, and this will be the final round played with the remaining cards in hand. 


After the final round of tricks is played players and teams will score their piles. The winner of the last trick also scores this to their points. These are kept cumulatively over several rounds. If a team wins all points available in a round, they score 170 points instead of their total. 

If the nondealer or their team scores 50 points or less the same dealer deals again. Otherwise it’s passed to the left.  


The game ends when a team reaches the needed amount of points to win. If several reach it in the same round the team with the higher score wins. 

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