OBJECT OF KARMA: The objective of Karma is to rid your hand of all cards before another player. The last player with cards left in their hand is the loser.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 6 Players

MATERIALS: 60 Karma Cards and Instructions




Karma is a fun game that might have you yelling in frustration by the end! the goal of the game is to try to play all the cards that are in your hand. Going around the group, players attempt to play cards that are equal to or higher than the previously played card.

If players are unable to do so, they must take the entire discard pile and add it to their hand! This makes things a little trickier when you are trying to get rid of cards!


To setup, combine the two decks together and shuffle them well. Choose a player to act as the dealer as there is no rule that defines this. Deal each player three cards, facedown on the table in front of them. These will be their Facedown Table Cards.

Deal each player six cards. Players may look at these and choose three cards to hold as their hand and three cards to act as the Faceup Table Cards. Place the remaining cards at the center of the playing area. This will be the Draw Pile.


The player on the dealer’s left is the first to play. They will place a card from their hand beside the Draw Pile, starting the Discard Pile. After they have placed the card, they must draw one from the Draw Pile.

The next player must play a card of equal or greater value than the previously played card or a Karma car. If the player does not have either option, then the player must take the discard pile as punishment. If they do have a card, they may play that card then draw from the draw pile. Players should have three cards in their hand until the draw pile is exhausted.

Gameplay continues clockwise around the group in this fashion. Once the Draw Pile is empty, and there are no cards in your hand, you may begin to play your Table Cards. The Faceup Table Cards have to be played first, then the Facedown Table Cards after.

Facedown Table Cards must be played at random. If the card is not equal to or higher than the previous cards, you must collect the entire Draw Pile. Play continues until only one player remains with cards in their hand!


The game comes to an end when all players have played all of their cards except one. The final player to have cards is the loser, and all other players are the winne

Nakoa Davis