OBJECT OF LABYRINTH: The object of Labyrinth is to be the first player to collect all their needed objects and exit the maze.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 4 players

MATERIALS: A rule book, a game board, 4 character pieces, 34 maze tiles, and 24 object cards.

TYPE OF GAME: Maze Board Game



Labyrinth is a maze board game for 2 to 4 players. The goal of the game is to make your way through the maze, collecting your needed objects, before returning to the start of the maze to win.


Shuffle the maze tiles and place them randomly on the board to create a randomized maze. The remaining tile will be used to move the maze around so place it near the game board.

The object cards will be shuffled and dealt evenly in facedown piles to each player.

Each player will pick their character and places it on the starting piece.


The game starts with the youngest player and continues clockwise from them. On a player’s turn, they will look at the top card of their object pile without showing other players if they haven’t seen it already. Then looking at the board they will see the best course of action to reach their current object. They will take the extra piece and pick one of the 12 arrows around the board. Once an arrow has been chosen, they will slide the piece in following the direction of the arrow and displacing the piece at the opposite end.

If there was a player displaced off the board this way they will be transferred to the newly added piece.

Once the new piece has been added a player may move their character as far down the path they are currently on as they wish. Players may also choose to not move at all.

If a player can successfully reach the object, they were currently searching for they may reveal that card and place it face up in front of them. On their next turn, they will look at the next card in their pile.

If you cannot reach your goal directly it is good practice to set yourself up to be in a good position to reach your object next turn.

Players may occupy the same spot on the board.


The game ends when a player successfully reaches all their object cards and then returns to the starting position on the board. The first player to do this wins the game.


To make it easier for smaller children a couple of changes can be made to the rules.

Players may look at their object cards and choose which that will be going for at the start of each turn.

Instead of returning to the start, a player may win on any square. To win a player needs only to collect all their objectives first. Once the last object is collected by a player they may remove their piece from the board and declare a win.

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